G D Naidu Museum - Part II (Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu)

Last post, what I shared with you was some ancient (ok, only computer terms, something that's few decades old become ancient...)!!! Well, this post its gonna be interesting to school kids esp. and also physics enthusiasts. 
But before that, a few more old photographs and an old bullock cart from his collections...

Here are some great optical illusions put up there. No, this is a part of the museum only to keep up the interest of the kids. This actually has nothing to do with G D Naidu himself.

The last 2 pics are rotatable. Save these images and rotate them and you might spot something new!!!

This one was an optical illusion where in if I walk parellel to it, 10km away, the building seemed to move along with me.

This hollow face of Einstein, I had seen in my school days when a mobile science exhibition came over to my school. Any face when sculpted in convex, the eyes of the face seem to give a movement and seems to keep looking at you as you walk from left to right or viceversa. Just like how the moon keeps moving with you even if you go to the next town!!! Lolz!!!!!

This one here is called a pinpoint impression. Essentially its a metal plank with tiny holes at the bottom. Each of these holes has a long ball pins through them. When you place you palm beneath it and apply pressure onto the pins they get pushed  up creating an impression of the palm. Yes, I was a teeny weeny bit worried putting pressure onto the pins with my palm but no worries, I can assure it now!!! 
There were several more illusion stuff and some games too. One was to trace a star not seeing your drawing sheet but its mirror image!!! One challenge was to take a small ball to top and bring it again to bottom of a slanted plane. Doesn't sound complicated? 
It is. The slanted plank had several holes in it through which the ball could fall and the ball was on a small plank which was had to be operated by 2 strings attached to the 2 sides of it. Now, its complicated, right? That's the museum curator herself achieving the feat!!! Sorry, the video is a bit, eh... dark!!!
Would you be surprised and would you believe if I say, I saw this thing years ago in my dreams, but not as a electric light but as a flame???!!!!! Yeah, I did. Trust me!!! The moment I saw this one, my ex-dream did freak me out. This one is a 1960's make and its a gel based light. The gel in this when near the light, gets heated up and gets weightless and moves up. As it moves up, it gets condensed and gains more weight and comes down. And this keeps on repeating!!!

Coming back soon with lots lots more stuff from the same museum!!!



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  1. looks interesting! will def take my son the next time i am in cbe!

  2. Nice write up and pics. Next time around you are in Cbte give a tinkle & I can offer you a lunch or coffee !Very busy these days in your fashion designing?

  3. @Anu,
    Oh you should!!! For a curious school kid, nothing better than this... :)

    @Ram Cheta,
    Sure. I'll call you for sure when I'm in Kovai... :)


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