Kalangal Kalyana Venkatramanaswamy Temple (Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu)

I ventured to this little village called Kalangal near Sulur in Coimbatore, which absolutely no idea of what to expect. I got into the road that leads to Kalangal village at Sulur and waited there for some local bus or share auto to arrive. Well, some half an hour would have passed by, no trace of any public mode of transport. I got irritated and opted to take an auto. I enquired an auto driver only to know that the 5km distance would cost about 130 bucks. I did get irritated but then I again asked him the rate for an up n down trip. As I expected that worked out much economical. For up and down with 45 mins wait together it worked out for 200 bucks.
I went there with no idea of what to expect but I did go in search of something. I'll write about that in my next post. But in this post, let me share something that I did not go in search of - An 1300 yr old Temple of Lord Vishnu!!!

Yeah true, as I went through a long road with just vacant land and shrubs on either sides, I finally reached Kalangal. I enquired to the local shopkeeper to know where I had to go, but then, as I as venturing my destination, I spotted these 2 ancient 'stone mandapams' with several reliefs on them. 

They were not really dilapidated  but not in a good condition as well... In the central top portion of these mandapams were a relief of Namam with Sangu  & Chakra, the essential primary symbol of Vaishnavism or Vishnu devotees. 
Now that's a proof of the existence of an ancient Vishnu Temple in the locality.
The very temple is called Sri Devi Bhu Devi Kalyana Venkatramana Swamy Temple. Sadly, I didn't visit the temple. However, you can check out more pics and contact details of the temple, here at the temple's website: http://kalangalperumal.org. Hope I visit the village again and visit the temple as well...

From Sulur in Coimbatore: 4km on Kalangal Road at Sulur Jn.

Many hotels at all price points available in Coimbatore.
Sulur is in the outskirts of Coimbatore with regular bus service from anywhere in Coimbatore / Kovai.

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  1. "very nice" Appreciate your venture to dig out neglected ancient remaining. Like it& Thumbs up.

  2. You are a true discoverer. Keep travelling.


  3. Sounds like an interesting journey, but i must say that it was worth it. The pics are really good.

  4. beautiful pictures and so very inspiring!! Love your blog :)))

  5. I am not really surprised at your discovery. There are hundreds of such uncared for dilapidated but awe inspiring ancient monuments waiting to be discovered. Look fwd to your next post ! Did you stay in Cbe or Sulur ?

  6. excellent stone structure...

    1300 year old temple... amazing....

  7. Nice travel blog. The pictures are beautiful !

  8. Great find! Must have been quite an experience.

  9. Hello,

    Very impressive, I am astounded to see the lovely stone structures standing sturdy and strong after 1300 years. Is this not sufficient proof of the skill of our craftsmen. Many thanks for showing these ancient wonderful structures.

    Best wishes,

  10. 1300 years old, I must say its is good shape

  11. Very nice carvings on the pillars.

  12. @Mani,
    Thank you so much.
    Guess this is your first visit here to My Travelogue. Glad you liked it... :)
    Do visit often...

    @Niranjan Das,
    Thank you.. :)

    I loved that journey indeed. Thanks dear.. :)

    Welcome to My Travelogue dear.. :)

    @Ram Sir,
    Indeed. Every little town & village has its own ancient structure in it. I stayed at Kovai.. :)

  13. @Krishna, Ash, Jeani, Short Poems, Sudhir Kumar, Rajesh,
    Thank you so much dears for your great support & appreciation.. :)

    @Sankara Subramanian,
    Indeed it was. Hunting down an unknown place is always is!!! :)

    @Joseph Cheta,
    Isn't it a sufficient proof? And what more, there are so so many of such proof in every village of India!!!

  14. The Temple is could have been covered..

  15. You could have covered the main Temple in detail..

  16. @Ravindhar,
    Couldn't find time to visit the temple, this visit. Would do nexxt time I go thr!!! :)

  17. these are not maintained because of community based temple.
    the real art of works are spoiled by those people.


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