Kovai Flower Market Photowalk

Recently I was in Kovai, staying at the new hotel there called Zone - by The Park. How was the hotel? For that you've gotta come back again for the next post. The guys there took to for a morning walk at the Flower & Vegeble Market and I made it a photo walk. This reminded me so much of the Koyambedu Flower & Vegetable Market and Mofussil Bus Terminus photoshoots I've done earlier. I've gotta dig out those pics & post them here. 
Anyways, back to Kovai - here are some flowers.....

 .... and faces.....

 ... and a very scary face with a scorpion on its tongue!!!
Come back soon to know about the hotel in the next post!!!


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  1. Good photos... A nice market place with excited vendors

    thanks bhusha...

  2. Lovely vignettes from "poo" market Kovai.Zone by the Park must have opened very recently. Waiting for your review.

  3. Wonderful pics and well taken. Even the tiniest details are attended to. Living in this amazing city for more than 7 years, my morning walks include this route and I must say this part of the tows is very busy in early mornings and evenings where flowers land get sorted and garlanded. But seeing the same through your camera lens is delightful indeed.

    1. Thank you so much Viraj! You should go in and do a photoshoot during your morning walk!


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