Pazhaverkadu aka Pulicat Lake Part II (Thiruvallur - Tamil Nadu)

So, as I said, the first stoppage was the island beach. And Ilayaraja, bothered to accompany us to the beach itself.

Here, I could give several tips. Its always better to take the fisherman/boatsman with you to the sea, the sea is so damn rough, than I have seen anywhere. If you plan to venture into the sea for a dip, just don’t forget the lifejacket, even if you get drifted into the sea, atleast you’ll be floating and someone can spot you. There have been several deaths that have happened here. Even the previous day, to the day we visited, a young man had lost his life there. And on a different note, I request you not to booze here, and even if you do, please don’t leave the trash here.
Btw, who said you loose your mind when you booze. See how creative some boozers were... The place was cultivated with casuarinas. But unfortunately, thanks to the regular boozers who had left the place so filled with trash.

About the sea, it was way too rough. At a point, the waves rose to about 5 feet and I was taken aback, thinking it would be a tsunami. However, it was not. Ilayaraja, informed me, that this was how regularly the sea is here. Rough. Rough. Risky rough.
This beach was in total solitude. Just we 3 and the empty beach. 
Very similar to Manori, here too the sand was filled with shells. Its not the sand you’re stepping on, its the shells!!!
From there, out next stoppage was at the Mugadhvaram, which means Estuary. Many of the Tamil Movie buffs have already seen this place. Any guesses, where? This was the very place which served as Athippatti in the Tamil Movie Citizen, starring Ajith Kumar, who sports 9 different looks in the movie. This is also the very place where the lake mixes with the sea, Bay of Bengal.
Unlike the other beach, this one is absolutely desolate, thanks to the scorching sun and just no trees. A blessing in disguise, I must say. Or else, this too would have been left with trash as the other one.

In short this place is a vast expanse of water with few islands here and there. One of it leads to Sriharikota as well...
From there, we returned back to Pazhaverkadu. It was 2:30pm by then. We were in water for almost 3 solid hours. Great indeed. But I was god damn tired and thirsty. My 3 lt of water had got over already and I was still thirsty. The next tip comes here, take heck a lotta water, 3 lt was not enough for 2 people!!!
This is a very small fisherman village, which has no decent hotel. Of course, there were a couple of messes, which served fresh seafood. Nothing for a veggie like me. But if you’re eat sea food, Ilayaraja was ready to serve you the delicacies made with the fresh catch, prepared at his home, if informed in advance.
There was bus waiting for me, to Red Hills and we hopped into it, and of the several hotels in Red Hills, I hopped into one and had a sumptuous meal.
Oh yeah, and the final tip - Take enough cash. ATM is nowhere in vicinity...
And yeah, this is just the first trip. One trip is just not enough to complete all the sites in Pulicat. A day has to be dedicated for the Heritage Tour. The Heritage sites / temples here include Adi Narayana, Samayaeeswarar, Subramaniyaswamy, Palaivana Nathar, Chinthamaneeswarar, Chinnakavalam temples and Dutch Fort ruins... And Bird watching needs another day in-season!!!



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  4. Looks like my kind of place, for sure. And I like swimming and body-surfing in high waves!

  5. nice write-up. i've heard abt pulicat before also, but ur write-up brought it alive in front of my eyes!

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  7. Wonderful shots. These tips are handy.

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  10. How nice to have the beach all to yourself. The crashing waves are huge!

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  13. Nice Blog Bhushavali,
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