Alamparai Fort (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

When I went to Sadras fort, I wanted to go ahead to Alamparai fort, but time didn't permit. Later on, while I ventured with my friends to Mudhaliyar Kuppam, again, we planned Alamparai for sunset, however sunset was spent at the beach itself! For the post-wedding photoshoot, after contemplating between Sadras & Alamparai, we decided on Sadras, again skipped Alamparai. Finally, one fine day, I said "I want to go to Alamparai today", and we set off for good...
Similar to Sadras, this was also a fort, but dissimilar to Sadras, this was much much more ruined and its almost in the sea itself!!! Some pieces of the structure are in the sea itself. 
Unlike Sadras, here the structure is completely in bits & pieces, here and there. Its a very vast space completely filled with sand. Presently this is under the state archaeological department.

One of the structure is tall with steps from where a better view can be seen. From here a very very beautiful white beach is seen, which can be accessed with a very short boat ride. 

This was built by the Moghuls in the 17th C. This was occupied by Nawab Dost Ali Khan in 1735. Later on, this was gifted by Mussafar Jung in 1750 to the French General Duplex. By 1760, when the English became stronger, they damaged this fort and left it in ruins. 

Over time, it further got damaged by erosion by sea water and salty air, as it is now! The whole structure is built using bricks & lime.

The fort covers an area of 15 acres. The dockyard alone measures a massive 100m length. Other names include Alamparva and Alampuravi. Fabrics, salt and ghee were exported from here and even coins were minted here called Alamparai Varahan.

This region is mentioned as Idaikazhinadu in ancient Tamil Literature, Sirupanatruppadai. Alamparai is derived from its original name Alhambra, which is today, a fort in Spain, which was again built by the Muslim rulers of Moore Dynasty! Some Islamic connection to the name - any idea what it means???
Well again, this place is not ok for solo female travellers. A group of gals could go.... You might spot a couple drunkards there!!!

From Tambaram, Chennai: 98km via Vandalur, Kelambakkam, Mamallapuram
From Pondicherry: 52km towards Chennai on ECR
From Sadras: 40 km towards Pondicherry
From Mamallapuram: 60km towards Pondicherry

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  1. Must visit next time am on ECR. Lovely post, Bhusha.

  2. Wow..nice place ...and happy new year Bhusha

  3. Tamil Nadu is a very nice place to go for a trip...I went to Tamil Nadu two years back and found the place t be just awesome. Loved the atmosphere but yes of course not the food so much...Thank u for the share.

  4. Alhambra or 'Al Hamra' means 'The Red One'

  5. Hi Bhusha,
    Once again you’ve proved your extraordinary skill in capturing the beauty and opulence you feel each time you visit a place and I’m forced to drop a comment. The pictures are elegantly sequenced with few becoming my personal favorite and the genuine inflow of information shows your interest. Spectacular blog spot as usual and thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments & time!


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