Killiyur Falls - A must-see place in Yercaud (Salem - Tamil Nadu)

So here comes a post esp. dedicated to the most beautiful breathtaking place in Yercaud as I said in my previous post.

Killiyur Falls - An amazing place! No, simply a breathtaking place!!! Fantastically mind-blowing place!!!!! Hahaha... Excuse me please! I'm getting carried away....
Killiyur Falls - Places to visit in Yercaud

Hiking route to reach Killiyur Falls

Killiyur Falls - Places to see in Yercaud
The car had to be stopped a km away from the place. A walk in the ghat road for half a km took us to a small hotel, rather a cafeteria. From the cafeteria a vertical drop for half a km. Ok, you need not drop down from there, it’s a walk, rather a trek for about a km with the several twists and turns. I loved it and it’s the best trek I’ve had so far, for sure!!!
Do you see any route. Yes, you do. Does it look like its getting over there. But actually its not!!! Yeah, roots like the ones there serve against the slipperiness at many a places. The path was so undefined, that only I ended up reaching the falls with my friends stopping at different levels en-route. I and my driver finally reached there after jumping a few ridges, sliding a few muddy paths...
...and the best way, holding and walking some inaccessible places with some roots like Tarzan!!! It was perfect. The route had hardly any broken bottles or anything out of place. So smitten by nature, it’s so unpolluted. Now, that’s called my kinda place!!! 
In some places I seriously doubted if I would be able to get back. Some places had muddy slides and I could easily slide and go down and how on earth would I climb back on a sliding muddy pathless path!!! But still, I started and there was no stopping!!!
Some places had some rocks and to get to the next rock, I had to catch hold of a tree branch for support and get to the other side onto the next rock without falling. That's my driver doing a Tarzan job. Some other person on his way down, contemplating if he should proceed this trek anymore. At one point like this, when my driver held a tree branch, it a squishy and escaped his hand!!! Well, it was frog on the branch!!!!! Thank god, he didn’t fall!!!
Hiking route to reach Killiyur Falls

Hiking route to reach Killiyur Falls

Killiyur Falls - Places to visit in Yercaud
Past a major section, the stairs are under construction. I wish the govt hadn’t started on this project. This would make the place so easily accessible for everyone and the place would lose its natural charm! I had the last small portion to be accessed by stairs – around some 20 stairs only. A small last portion. Then came the huge visual treat of the Killiyur Falls. 
It’s not as huge as Hogenakkal or Kollimalai, but is pretty big. It’s extremely safe as Mother Nature has designed her!!! Just at the place where the water hits the ground, another set of boulders just about the knee level in height, begins leaving space in width just enough to put the foot down firmly. So I just stood in that place between the falls and the small boulder holding it. No ways of falling down, no matter how much ever moss is there or how slippery the rocks are!!! Amazing isn’t it!!!!!
If at all you’re planning a great trek, go now. Once the steps are built, it’s gonna be awfully boring!!!
A few clicks and some water to drink from the falls and we were back in the same route-less route. Somehow holding a few rocks and few roots, I managed to climb up those slopes which I slid down. Finally I reached atop and my friends were there at the cafeteria treating themselves with some soft drinks and savories. I must say something important at this point; trekking down this place is just not safe for single female travelers. Trek down with a decently big group of gals or better check it out with guys!

P.S: If at all you’re venturing to Yercaud, esp. Killiyur falls, please preserve the nature there. Pls don’t go there to booze, even if you do, bring back the bottles with you! Pls bring back any plastic covers and trashes and dispose it there in the dust bin of the cafeteria once you’re back up. Please please leave back only footprints, nothing else, please!!!!!


Killiyur Falls - Best places to see Yercaud Killiyur Falls - Best places to see Yercaud


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  1. Lucky You ! ... When I went there the Falls had no water and the whole trek looked tiring because of the emptiness. The Photos look very good. Request they could be little bigger.(No Animals/Squirrels This time !!!)

    Seeing your blog makes me wish to give it (trek to kiliyur falls) another try the next time i visit Salem with my family.

  2. wow. will go there for sure next time. interesting post.

  3. beautiful waterfalls...u said it right...i had a big to go to yercaud again.

  4. i felt the same thril when i went to kolli hills in 1994 with my friends bfore the steps were done...road less travelled in the real sense...

  5. or kinda rocks less climbed !!!

  6. It surely is beautiful. wondering if it can be covered in a day from bangalore

  7. What a perfect place for an adventurous trek...

    Pixellicious Photos

  8. @Senthil,
    So sad your visit was bad!!! :( No animals, squirrels this time.. :)
    Somehow, blogger gives me only this size even if I opt for Large size in photo upload.. :(
    And do visit again, may be after rains or so and lemme know your experiences!!! :)

    Do visit and lemme know your experiences.. Awaiting your blogpost on Killiyur... :)

    Yeah.. You missed... :)

    Oh!!! I missed Kolli hills when it was a road less travelled.. :( Good that you visited!!! :)

  9. @Sathish,
    Its my pleasure dear.. :)

    Thanks sweety.. :)

    Oh yeah!!! It can be... Provided you just visit only the falls.. To venture all the places (view points, lakes, caves, temples etc) you require a minimum of 2 days!!!

  10. bad luck for me water when i went there....but the trek itself was an unforgettable experience :) :)

  11. @Ganesh,
    Oh!! That's sad!!! However good to know you enjoyed the trek!!! :)

  12. Hai Bhushavali,

    We have updated our home page with Photo and description of your trip to Kiliyur Falls in Yercaud.

    The photo and contents are taken from your blog and a link to the blog have been provided.

    Thanks a lot of visiting Bangalore Trips

    We appreciate your efforts in advocating people to not to litter at the waterfalls.

    " Stop littering and save environment "
    BangaloreTrips team.

  13. @Bangalore Trips,
    Thanks for the updation!!! :)

    Thanks dear.. :)
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting too! Do drop by often!!! :)


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