10 Castles to visit near Brussels in Flemish Brabant (Flanders - Belgium)

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As I mentioned in an earlier post about the top 10 things to do in Flemish Brabant, the capital city of Brussels is entirely surrounded by the province of Flemish Brabant and Belgium is one of the countries with the highest density of castles. So here's a list of 10 castles just located in the outskirts of Brussels in the province of Vlaams Brabant (Flemish Brabant) and can be easily visited as multiple day-trips from Brussels by public transport.

Belgian Fairytale Castles Huizingen Castle

Belgian Fairytale Castles Huizingen Castle Domaine

Belgian Castles Huizingen Castle Domaine

Belgian Castles Huizingen Castle Domaine


History of Huizingen Castle: 
The Huizingen Castle was built in 1545 CE by Pieter Boisot which was then called the Hoff ter Borght. Later on, it passed on to several hands by forfeiting, lending, inheritance etc. In the late 1800s, it belonged to Albert Vaucamps who also bought 90 acres around the castle to build the domain with plantations and renovate the castle almost as we know it today. He also became the mayor of Huizingen and a senator. After changing a couple more ownerships, in 1938 CE, it was bought by the province and made it public friendly with a swimming pool, playgrounds, walking trails etc as we see it today.

Things to do Domain Huizingen: 
Huizingen Castle is a part of the Provincial Domain of Huizingen. The castle itself is a restaurant and venue to host events. Just in front of the castle is a waterbody where boating is possible (pedal boats & rowboats are available to hire). This was unavailable when we visited. Apart from seeing the castle, my main reason to visit here was to see the little animal park. It is something between a zoo and a farm. There are no predators or exotic animals. Mostly farm animals like goats, sheep, hens, rabbits etc along with a couple of unusual ones like Indian peafowl, golden pheasants, parrots, parakeets etc. It was the first time Atyudarini got to see the real Indian peafowl and hear its call too! Sadly, it wasn't really interested in opening up its feathers! Very close to the Huizingen mini zoo is the area of the Domain's 3 Brabant Horses. There is also a separate fishing area (needs permit).
There are 4 way-marked trails in the domain (map link below) and we chose to walk the orange trail. There are 2 playgrounds meant for children below and above 10 years of age. There is also a huge outdoor public swimming pool which is open from May to September. Since we went in April, I did not even go in that direction to prevent Atyudarini's disappointment! 
The main area where we spent a lot of time was the Rock Garden. This is a flower garden that covers a 5-hectare area with more than 150k plants. There is a stunning waterfall at one end of the garden that runs like a stream through the garden making many tiny waterfalls. Walking through the garden, on the rocks, across the streams, smelling the aromatic flowers all the way, it was awesome. Further ahead was a parcours (obstacles) play area in the midst of woods. Further ahead is a more wooded, foresty area. Along the way were some very interesting wooden sculptures, that blend so well with the area. 

Where is Huizingen Castle (On Google Maps)? Kasteel van Huizingen
How to reach Huizingen Castle from Brussels? Huizingen railway station is directly connected to Brussels Central/Schuman by train. But Huizingen railway station is 1.4km from Huizingen Castle. For less walking, it is better to alight at Halle or Lot railway station and take DeLijn Bus route 153/154.
Domain of Huizingen Castle Map: via VlaamsBrabant tourism (opens/downloads as PDF)
Huizingen Castle tickets (domaine entrance): Oct to Mar - Free; Apr to Sept - €4 
Domain Huizingen Swimming pool tickets: €12 for adults; €2 for children (pre-booking necessary) 
Domaine of Huizingen Castle opening hours: Apr to Sept - 9:00AM to 8:00PM; Oct to Mar: 9:00AM to 5:00/6:30PM
When is the best time to visit Domain of Huizingen Castle: Spring & Summer (when Rock Garden is in bloom & swimming pool is functional)

Castles near Brussels Huizingen Castle Domaine

Castles near Brussels Beersel Castle

I spotted Beersel Castle from the train window when I was on my way to Hallerbos Blue Forest and has been wanting to visit here since forever. Finally, when I visited Huizingen castle I managed to stop by here too. 

History of Beersel Castle: The earliest documentation of Beersel Castle is from 1300 CE as a fortification built by Godefroid of Hellebeke. Soon it was a part of the Defence line of Brussels
Also read: Defence line of Amsterdam - Pampus Island FortificationMuiderslot Castle
Since then it has faced several wars & battles and has changed several hands. By early 16th C, it became a private residence losing all its military roles. Later it started to fall into ruins. The crumbling structure was rebuilt to its 16th C glory in 1928 CE. The most recent renovations happened in 2012. Currently, renovations of the moat is happening and it is pretty difficult to get a picture without the earthmovers & diggers!

Things to do in Beersel Castle: From Huizingen Castle a short ride away is Beersel Castle. The most fascinating view of Beersel Castle is perhaps from the train, esp when the moat is filled with water, reflecting the castle. There is a self-guided audio tour. Apart from the main ground floor, it is possible to take the spiral staircase inside the towers to reach the upper floor as well as head into the cellar underground. The architecture looks quite amusing with the towers being rounded in the exteriors and flat in the interiors. This is pretty small castle with a small green space around it unlike the other castle with huge park or domain around them. 

Where is Beersel Castle (On Google Maps)Kasteel van Beersel
How to reach Beersel Castle from Brussels? Beersel castle is located just beside Beersel railway station which is directly connected to Brussels Central/Schuman by train. 
How to reach Beerse Castle from Huizingen Castle? Beersel Castle is about 4km from Huizingen Castle which can be covered by walking / biking (nodes 62-63-82) / DeLijn bus route 154. 
Beersel Castle tickets: €4 
Beersel Castle opening hours: varies a lot. Check the official website.
When is the best time to visit Beersel Castle: All around the year

Castles near Brussels Gaasbeek Castle

Castles near Brussels Gaasbeek Castle

Castles near Brussels Gaasbeek Castle

History of Gaasbeek Castle: Like Beersel Castle, Gaasbeek Castle was also built in 13th C, as a fortification, defence line of Brussels. Like everything else, this also changed several hands and moved from a military role to a residential one. Towards the end of 19th C CE, it was owned by Marchioness Arconati Visconti who renovated it extensively - the make the exteriors look medieval and interiors look neo-classical! In 1921 she handed it over to the state and since 1924 Gaasbeek Castle has been open to the public.

Things to do in Gaasbeek Castle: The interiors of the castle is currently under renovation and is expected to be opened again in 2023. So I haven't been inside the castle. The castle is in the midst of a 49-hectare park which can be visited. As soon as you enter the park are the Octagonal pavilion & barn, which were both empty when we went. A short walk after that is the Garden Museum, which has 6 sections with floral plants, historic plants of the region, rare fruits & more. Just opposite to it is an exquisite viewpoint. There are multiple routes from here that go around the castle, around the 3 waterbodies, around the Sint-Gertudis Chapel etc. There are also a few Brabant horses here, obviously, that was the highlight for Atyudarini. 

Where is Gaasbeek Castle (On Google Maps)? Kasteel van Gaasbeek
How to reach Gaasbeek Castle from Brussels? DeLijn Bus route 142 from Brussels Midi/Zuid stops in front of the castle. Located across the road from Domain of Groenenberg. 
Gaasbeek Castle & Park map: via Natuurenbos (downloads/opens as PDF)
Gaasbeek Castle Park tickets: Free
Gaasbeek Castle opening hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM/8:00PM (in winter & otherwise respectively)
Gaasbeek Castle Garden Museum tickets: €4 
Gaasbeek Castle Garden Museum opening hours: May to October Tue-Sun 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Virtual tour of the interiors of Gaasbeek Castle: via Matterport
When is the best time to visit Gaasbeek Castle: May to October when the Museumtuin (Garden Museum) is open. The castle itself is closed till Apr 2023.

Belgium Fairytale Castles Groenenberg Castle

Belgium Fairytale Castles Groenenberg Castle

History of Groenenberg Castle:
This is a relatively new castle compared to the others. Groenenberg Castle was built only in early 1900s by Charles Claes, a notary from Halle. He wanted a summer residence at the highest point of Lennik municipality and got Brussels architect Victor Evrard to create this Flemish-Renaissance style castle. It changed several hands in course of time and during the world war, it even served as the headquarters of the German army. Today it is still private property and not open to the public. 

Things to do in Domain of Groenenberg Castle:
The Domain of Groenenberg covers an area of 45 hectares which includes the highest point of the Lennik municipality. Though the castle is closed, the domain is open to the public. It is nice to walk around this domain. Esp., in spring it look splenid with so many colorful flowers. There are 2 unmissable spots in this domain - the 2 Giant Sequoia trees and the Camelia collection. There are also Azalea and Hydrangea collections. The Camelias are so gorgeous and there are so many types & colors along with the daffodils in the ground, with the castle in the background - the place looks magical!

Where is Groenenberg Castle (On Google Maps)Kasteel Domein Groenenberg
How to reach Groenenberg Castle from Brussels? DeLijn Bus route 142 from Brussels Midi/Zuid stops in front of the castle. Located across the road from Gaasbeek Castle.
Groenenberg Castle & Park map: via Natuurenbos (downloads/opens as PDF)
Domain of Groenenberg Castle tickets: Free
Domain of Groenenberg Castle opening hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM/8:00PM (in winter & otherwise respectively)
When is the best time to visit Groenenberg Castle: All around the year, but Spring is the best to see the camelia in bloom.

Castle Coloma Rozentuin Rose Garden

Castle Coloma Largest Rose Garden in Europe

Castle Coloma Rozentuin Rose Garden near Brussels

History of Coloma Castle:
Coloma Castle was built in 1515 CE by the Lords of Leeuw. Later it was owned by Lenaert van den Hecke who gave the castle, a more palatial uplift, as we see it today. Then it changed several hands by both inheriance and sale. In 1982-84 it came under the wings of the government and was renovated and maintained.

Things to do in Coloma Castle - Visit Rose Garden:
The most striking feature of Coloma Castle, is not the Castle but its Rose Garden (Rozentuin). This is the largest rose garden in Europe with more than 3000 rose varieties from all over the world. The first point to visit is the Rose Museum. Beside it is the Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden. Behind the castle is the very manicured Rose & White Garden, with roses arranged in the shape of the coat of arms. There's also the very very beautiful overhead arches of roses giving a very aromatic, beautiful, pathway. Behind it is the Flemish Rose Garden and then begins what I would describe as a rose forest - the Old Rose Garden. This is gorgeous for anyone who likes a forest-like feel. Further ahead is the International Rose Garden with roses from Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK & more.

Things to do in Coloma Castle - Picnic between the Roses 2023
Every year the Rozenfestival (Rose Festival) happens here in June. This year, in 2023, the Rose Festival at Coloma Rose Garden is happening from June 03, 2023, to Sept 10, 2023
One aspect of the Rose Festival is a weekend dedicated to a picnic! Upon reservation, a picnic basket incl. blanket is given to you (veg/child options available) which you can take anywhere in the garden, sit amongst the roses, surrounded by the aroma, and have your lunch! This year, in 2023, the date is yet to be announced.

Pre-book your picnic basket here: via Culture Centrum Coloma (yet to be announced for 2023)
Price of Picnic basket: Adult (Non-veg & veg versions) - €20; Child - €10

Where is Coloma Castle (On Google Maps)? Kasteel Coloma in Sint-Peters Leeuw
How to reach Coloma Castle from Brussels? DeLijn Bus route 170 from Brussels Midi/Zuid
How to reach Coloma Castle from Gaasbeek Castle? 6.4km. Can be biked (nodes 23-71-72-70). DeLijn Bus route 144 connects as well, but requires about 1.5km walk. 
Coloma Castle Rozentuin tickets: Free
Coloma Castle Rozentuin opening hours: Tue-Sun 9:00AM to 5:00PM/8:00PM (in winter & otherwise respectively)
Coloma Castle Rozentuin map: via Natuurenbos (opens/downloads as PDF)
When is the best time to visit Coloma Castle: June to September when the roses are in bloom

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Groot Bijgaarden Castle Floralia Brussels

Floralia Brussels Belgian Tulip Festival


There are 2 major castles in the north of Brussels, one of which is Groot Bijgaarden Castle which located inside Floralia Brussels. As the name suggests, the castle is accessible to the public only during the Floralia Brussels event, for a month (Apr-May) every year. Read all about the castle and its garden in my article on Floralia Brussels. It is one of the most picturesque, instagrammable castles of Belgium

History of Groot Bijgaarden (Grand Bigard) Castle:
A fortification existed here since 14th C CE. The 30m tall tower beside the castle, called the Donjon and the moat are the oldest parts and were built in 1347 CE. The tower served military function once and then when it ceased, the tower fell into ruins. Its height was reduced in course of time during renovations. Groot Bijgaarden Castle was built in 17th C CE by Ferdinand de Boisschot, in Flemish Renaissance style, over the ruins of the existing fortification. The castle changed several hands and in 1902 CE it was with Raymond Pelgrims who renovated the castle and the garden extensively to what we see it as of today. The very picturesque bridge with 5 arches over the moat was a new creation under him (since the castle doesn't serve a military purpose anymore). 

Where is Groot Bijgaarden (Grand Bigard) Castle? How to reach Groot Bijgaarden (Grand Bigard) Castle from Brussels? Tickets & Timings? More details on my post on Floralia Brussels
When is the best time to visit Groot Bijgaarden (Grand Bigard) Castle: Open to public only in Apr-May when Floralia Brussels happens

Meise Bouchout Castle Brussels Belgium Castles

Meise Bouchout Castle Brussels Belgium Castles

The 2nd of the most important castles in the north of Brussels. This is located inside the Plantentuin Meise (Meise Botanic Garden). The interiors of the castle can be visited when you visit Plantentuin Meise. There is a permanent exhibition inside about the history of Bouchout Castle and it also serves as a venue of various other exhibitions time to time.

History of Bouchout Castle:
The first castle was built by William of Crainhem in 12th C CE. By 1600s it fell into ruins and was restored for the first time. As usual, the castle changed several hands and it belonged to Count Amadée de Beauffort in 1832-1840, who majorly renovated and rebuilt the castle to its current neo-gothic style. In 1879 CE it was sold to Leopold II who did most of the interiors & ornamentations. It was severely damaged during both the world wars and major restorations happened in 1980s

Where is Bouchout Castle? How to reach Bouchout Castle from Brussels? Bouchout Castle tickets (incl. Meise Plantentuin): Bouchout Castle (incl. Meise Plantentuin) opening hours: Refer my article on Plantentuin Meise 
When is the best time to visit Bouchout Castle: All around the year

Cycling in Belgium - Castle route Flemish Brabant
Photo clicked by Ms.Kristien Petrlic of Toerisme Vlaams Brabant 

History of Diepensteyn Castle:
Its earliest record belongs to mid 12th C CE. In fact Diepensteyn Castle, then belonged to the family of Bouchots (as Meise) till early 16th C  CE. By 17th C Diepensteyn was raised to the status of a county. It became a grand castle, but only a corner building of that castle still exists. In 1825 CE the ruined parts were completely demolished. In 1988 Palm Breweries bought the castle and completely rebuilt it.

Things to do in Diepensteyn Castle: 
Diepenstyn Castle is the home to Palm Breweries and currently it is accessible to the general public only via guided tour of the brewery. Apart from the castle & brewery tour it is also possible to pet or ride the Brabant horses that belong to the brewery! 

Where is Diepensteyn Castle (On Google Maps)? Kasteel Diepensteyn
How to reach Diepensteyn Castle from Brussels? DeLijn bus route 251
Diepensteyn Castle tickets (along with Palm Breweries): Only group tours (upto 50 people) which begins at €260 (€210+€50). Must be pre-booked on the website of Palm Breweries
Diepensteyn Castle & Palm Breweries opening hours: 
When is the best time to visit Diepensteyn Castle: All around the year

Grimbergen Castle of Belgium Brussels

Grimbergen Prince's Castle Prisenbos Belgian Castles

History of Grimbergen Castle: 
The earliest mention of this castle is from the 1400s when it served as the residence of the Lords of Grimbergen. Initially it served a military purpose and in course of time, after changing several hands, by 17th C, its miliary operation ceased and became more of a palatial residence. During WWII, it served as ammunition storage by the Germans. It was then set to fire which completely destroyed the castle. Only a keep and a corner tower survived and that's all you get to see today.

Things to do in Grimbergen Castle:
Unlike the rest of the castles mentioned here, this one is almost in ruins. Today the castle's moat is a pond and the domain around it is the wooded area of 'Prinsenbos' which is perfect to stop by for a picnic lunch. Just next to the castle is the MOT (Museum of Original Techniques). When I saw the castle first, I thought it couldn't be entered, looking at the level of its ruin. But actually, it could be! The ticket at MOT also includes a visit to Grimbergen Castle. The corner tower alone would be visited and climbed. The spiral staircase takes you through 3 floors which has a permanent exhibition about the castle. 

Where is Grimbergen Prince's Castle (On Google Maps)Prinsenkasteel
How to reach Grimbergen Prince's Castle from Brussels? DeLijn Bus route 230, 231 or 232 from Brussel Bocksteal Metro station or SNCB train till Vilvoorde & DeLijn bus route 821 from Vilvoorde Railway station.
Grimbergen Prince's Castle tickets: €6 (incl. visit to MOT, Liermolen & Tommenmolen. Ticket should be bought at Het MOT)
Grimbergen Prince's Castle opening hours: Oct to Mar - Weekdays 10:00AM to 5:00PM. Apr to Sept - All days 10:00AM to 5:00PM
When is the best time to visit Grimbergen Prince's Castle: All around the year

Places to see near Leuven - Horst Castle

History of Horst Castle:
The Horst castle has been in existence since 13th C CE. It served as the residence of the Lords of Horst since 1434 CE. It was unfortunately set on fire twice (1489 & 1587) over time. It was restored & rebuilt completely in 17th C CE and that is what we see today. It changed several hands, but it always only served as a summer residence or hunting palace.

Things to do in Domain of Horst Castle:
Like Huizingen Castle, this is in the midst of the Domain of Horst Castle. The castle itself is currently closed for renovation. However it is possible to walk around the domain. It is very picturesque, even to just see its exteriors, surrounded by its moat. There are 4 way-marked walking trails - Domain walk, Peerse walk, Winge walk & Luttelkolen walk. The grasslands & the thick forests of the Domain walk is esp. beautiful during spring & summer, which is what we chose to walk on. It is also possible to spot several varieties of mushrooms in the route. However, it is prohibited to pick mushrooms here. If you're super lucky you might also spot a Fire Salamander. On a clear day, the best is definitely the Peerse walk which lends a panoramic view of the Winge valley, Dijle valley as far as Mechelen, if the weather is good. Even before you reach Horst Castle, don't miss the adorable little St.Joseph Chapel (Sint-Jozefkapel) on the left just 500m before the castle. This is an early 19th C chapel standing alone under a lime tree in the middle of the fields! 

Where is Horst Castle (On Google Maps)? Kasteel van Horst
How to reach Horst Castle from Brussels? Brussels to Leuven by train and then DeLijn bus route 310. How to reach Horst Castle from Leuven? Apart from the bus, it is also possible to cover this 15km distance by node-to-node cycling (nodes 10-11-33-80-4-81-82-42-43-44).
Domain of Horst Castle Map: via Natuurenbos (opens/downloads as PDF)
Domain of Horst Castle tickets: Free
Domain of Horst Castle opening hours: 24x7
When is the best time to visit Domain of Horst Castle: All around the year

Belgium Castles Brussels Cleerbeek Castle

Belgium Castles Brussels Arenberg Castle Leuven

Belgium Castles Brussels Linden Lubbeek White Castle


Very close to Horst Castle, is Cleerbeek Castle. This is a 17th C CE castle. Though it is a private castle, it is now a B&B2 large bedrooms on the first floor of the castle and a small wooden cabin on the premises called The Forest could be hired for an overnight stay. Getting to stay in a castle overnight would be an awesome experience. I still haven't done it, so I can't review it for you. 

Where is Cleerbeek Castle (on Google Maps)Castle van Cleerbeek
Overnight stay at Castle van Cleerbeek: Airbnb (here's your €36 off on your first booking)

Arenberg Castle has its origins in the 12th C CE. Today, the castle is a part of the Leuven University and used as classrooms! Imagine being able to have your classes in a centuries-old historic castle!!!! It is not open to the general public to visit, but if you're a friend/family of a student/staff of Leuven University, you might be able to visit. If not, it can be a very quick stop on your day trip to Leuven.

Where is Arenberg Castle? (on Google Maps): Kasteel van Arenberg
How to reach Arenberg Castle: 3.5km from Leuven railway station. Various Delijn bus routes (15 mins ride) are regularly available. 

Beauffort Castle, more well-known as Lubbeek Castle or the White Castle of Linden is the private residence of the owners of Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen, producers of one of the best Belgian wines. It is possible to see the castle from outside and one of the best views if ofcourse through the vineyards. 

Where is Linden Castle? Read my article on Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen - Best Belgian Wines

Flemish Brabant castles Domaine Huizingen

Belgium Brussels Castles of Flemish Brabant Vlaams Brabant
Pic Credit: Google Maps

incl. Huldenberg Castle, Domain of Castle Marnix, Isque Castle etc 

1. Huizingen & Beersel Castles together
2. Gaasbeek, Groenenberg & Coloma Castles together
3. Plantentuin Meise & Grimbergen Castle together
4. Groot Bijgaarden Castle during Floralia Brussels
5. Day trip to Leuven incl. Arenberg Castle
6. Horst Castle (with an overnight stay at Cleerbeek Castle?)
7. Palm Brewery tour at Diepenstyn Castle 
8. Wine cycling route incl. Linden Castle (Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen)

Best castle to visit with children: Domain of Huizingen Castle
Best castles to visit during Spring: Groot Bijgaarden Castle (Floralia Brussels), Groenenberg Castle  
Best castles to visit during Summer: Coloma Castle (Rozentuin / Rose garden)
Best castle to visit for an overall experience: Diepensteyn Castle (Palm breweries)
Best castle to visit all around the year: Bouchout Castle (Meise Botanic Garden)

Fairytale Castles of Belgium Pinterest Fairytale Castles of Belgium Pinterest

Fairytale Castles of Belgium Pinterest Fairytale Castles of Belgium Pinterest


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  1. I had no idea there were so many castles in Brussels! Would love to visit Beersel Castle especially. It looks so medieval and stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I did not know that Brussels had so many castles. I wish I had known them before I visited Brussels couple of years ago. I would have tried to at least visit a few of them if not all, especially Groot Bijgaarden Castle. I really loved that castle.

  3. My first trip to Europe I jumped city to city quickly as if I would never return. I only spent one day in Brussels, and it wasn’t even a full day. Huge mistake! I will definitely return to Belgium and visit as many of these as I can. I’m for sure booking a night at Cleerbeek Castle, spending the night in a castle as been a dream for a really long time! Bookmarking this

  4. Visiting Castles is one of our favourite things to do when we visit Europe. Good to know there are some great fairytale choices when we finally get to Brussels. Great that there are playgrounds for kids. I know they can get a little bored with all the architecture and history. I love all the variety in the designs. Many days of good fun!

  5. I really wish I did castle hunting when I was in Belgium. We did only one and that was on our way to Dinant, I’d have to look up the name. I so enjoyed driving the countryside to get to all the small towns and cities beyond Brussels. Coloma Castle looks so enchanting. I think I’ll return and make this our theme for touring this small yet lovely country.

  6. Wow, I didn't know there are so many castles in Brussels. They are all absolutely beautiful! My husband is obsessed about castles so when ever we are in Europe, we head out to a castle hunt. But it's great fun and we have learned so much about history.

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