Hotel Bellevue Rheinhotel, Boppard - A Review (RLP - Germany)

Any of my regular readers would know my love for historic hotels. I have a further more inclination towards the family owned hotels. They do have a very homely feeling to them and more often than not, you'd get to even meet one of the family members. They make the whole place feel like one big family get together!!!! And that's exactly what happened in Hotel Bellevue Rheinhotel in Boppard, Germany along the banks of River Rhine. This is owned by Gawel family and the current owners are the 4th & 5th generation of the family! This is hands down the best of the hotels in Boppard, Germany.

The 1st generation of the owners, Josef Breitbach bought the buildings that were here in an auction and tore them down to build the Grand Hotel Bellevue in 1911. This was one of the earliest building to have used electric lights and the first ever private building to have a telephone in Boppard. The next generation had the most difficult time with the World Wars, when the hotel was taken over by the military and was used as a hospital! Later by the times of 3rd generation, in 1965, the bar, restaurant and wine-cellar were introduced and by 1973, the pool & sauna too were in place and today its the best of Boppard accommodation.

It was in the times of the current head, Ms.Doris & Dr. Jan Gawel that the entire hotel was renovated to suite the timeless Art Noveau style! Today their son Mr.Marek is also involved in the hotel business and I got to meet both Ms.Doris and Mr.Marek and it was such a pleasure. They are such humble souls!

The rooms are spacious and have all the basic needs from toiletries, mini bar, tv etc. The rooms even have beach bags that you can carry to the sauna or pool with your change of clothes, towels etc. There are 4 types of rooms in the 2 buildings together - single, double, triple/suite, apartment. All the types of room are either Rhine facing or the Courtyard facing. 

Staying in this hotel would definitely mean, you have to choose the Rhine facing rooms. Its such a beauty. The balcony is large enough for a family to have a dinner together! To be able to sit on your balcony till the dead of night or eerily early morning and see the foggy hills and lights, with the cold wind blowing on your face is such a pleasure! No matter, how well I explain it, to be there and feel it, is an experience that really cannot be described in words.

As usual, my complain with almost all European hotels is the very lacking vegetarian options in breakfast buffet. As usual, I just had to fill up on bread. I really hope they could add some mashed potatoes and baked beans in their breakfast menu to help us veggies! 

One of the must-do things in this hotel is their wine tasting! Rhine valley region is known for its Reisling grapes and the region also has Mosel wines (more commonly referred to as Rhine wine)! The hotel's cellar has a collection of some amazing local wines and during wine-tasting you get to taste 5 of these spectacular local wines!

The common areas are also very tastefully done with Art Nouveau inspirations. There are several paintings in the corridors, porcelain items in some showcases, even the lamps. Even the railing of the staircases are fluid to go with the Art Nouveau style, reminding me much of Barcelona's Casa Battlo! The ceiling of the restaurant needs a special mention - with sky & clouds & birds, it gives such a serene feeling! The uniform of the women staff is the traditional German dress of Dirndl. I also would love it is some of the staff also wear the flowy, fluid styled clothing like the women depicted in Art Nouveau paintings, to go with the interiors of the hotel! 
There is a indoor pool with regulated water temperature, as well as 2 sauna and a fitness room. The pool has a Roman Baths inspiration with a Roman style frescoes and mosaics. The sauna looks absolutely divine with golden hues and metallic colors! So rich and such a luxurious environment. Even the shape of lights are inspired by the old fire-torches! While the sauna has the assistance of the staff, the pool is your own to use where everything from temperature to lights is automated.

Upper Middle Rhine Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you may need atleast a week to explore this entire region properly with all the castles & vineyards & villages, a completely alternate option would be just to stay in a Rhine view room here, go on a Rhine river cruise (the ferry point is just in front of the hotel), spend the rest of the time sweating in the hotel's sauna or soaking in the pool, have dinner and star gaze at night from your balcony.... Which option would you choose?

On Google Maps: Hotel Bellevue
From Boppard Railway station: 450m (6 min walk)
From Frankfurt airport: 113 km

To Book online: Hotel Bellevue
Room rates at Rheinhotel Boppard begin at €89 (for double room)
Breakfast: €11
Hotel Ph no: +49 (6742) 102 -0

Bellevue Rheinhotel Boppard Review Pinterest Bellevue Rheinhotel Boppard Review Pinterest

P.S: I was invited by UNESCO Germany to experience the region for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. great review!!! I really like hotels which has some historic touch or some past and Europe seems to have a lot of them. I have never stayed in any of Germany's historic hotel but Hotel Bellevue seems something where I would love to have my stay. Saving up for future reference.

  2. What a wonderful stay! I love hotels which are steeped in history - it makes for such a wonderful experience and to imagine what their past lives seemed like from their Art Noveau style and traditional clothing and the contrast with today's contemporary lifestyle. I have never been to Germany and this looks like the kind of place to getaway from the busy cities. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This hotel looks fabulous! Location is everything and I love that there are large balconies facing the Rhine. I bet the wine tasting was fabulous and its such a great amenity, so is the indoor pool. So much history, I can't imagine how much work had to be done to recover the property after being used as a military hospital

  4. I love historic hotels too, they have so much character and the architecture is appealing. Great tip about getting a Rhine facing room.That indoor pool looks relaxing.

  5. This looks like a lovely hotel to stay and cosy up in the winter. The venue for the wine tasting looks dramatic and I have to say that Riesling is one of my favourite wines. The scenery of the Rhine looks stunning and a nice setting for a trip away.

  6. I love hotels with a history but even more so the views of the Rhine would have me staying here in a flash. But one question I have thought off is, you state the hotel was the first to use electric lighting. Is that in the town or in Germany or the world? Still, it's a pretty good stat to have. :)

    1. In the town that is! The phone number was 2, the hospital's number was 1!

  7. Wow what a great setting for the home in the banks of River Rhine. Too bad about the veggie-less options in breakfast. I liked the interiors a lot especially the pic of mom and daughter with the huge frame behind. You have got me interested and hope I can do the tour of Upper Middle Rhine Valley some day.

  8. This is just fabulous place to stay that has rich history. AS located on the banks of Rhine river, scenery looks inviting.The interiors are great and wine testing session seems awesome.Great review!

  9. I love that the hotel looks like you are entering a grand old home. But glad to hear it was recently renovated. I do love those views out the window over the Rhine. Hubby would love to do the wine tasting. He loves the wines from this region. I would be heading for the pool and sauna. It does look like a rich and luxurious area.

  10. This place looks great. I also love homey hotels and it's great to support family-owned hotels. Happy to know that you had a wonderful stay and their rooms are spacious. I loved their furniture. It's beautiful.

  11. The service and feel in family owned hotels is definitely one like no other. The touches in this hotel definitely have a homely feel make it warm and cosy too.
    Being by the Rhine valley region to taste the wine and cruise is a big seller for me. Never been to that party of the world.

  12. Oooh you had me at wine tasting within the hotel! The historic accommodations are so neat to get the full experience of a destination - and this one is beautiful. Especially the views over the river, so romantic!

  13. I agree with you that family-run hotels have a more homey feeling and how lovely that you were able to find one that has been owned by several generations of the family. Their attention to details certainly shows in touches such as the provision of the beach bags to take to the sauna and the pool. I'd love to sit in the balcony in such a hotel room, sipping my morning tea as I enjoy those beautiful views of the Rhine. I guess the fact that the hotel even offers wine tasting of some of those famous Mosel wines is absolutely amazing. We plan on exploring the Rhine Valley when we are in Germany next and I'll certainly keep this hotel in mind for booking a relaxing stay.

  14. What a beautiful hotel! I love the old European charm. And the little touches like the bag for the sauna are so thoughtful. Regarding the breakfast, every hotel I've ever been in Europe had plenty of vegetarian options with cheese, cereal, fruit, yoghurt and eggs. Vegan options are few in traditional continental breakfast foods though.

  15. The Hotel Bellevue looks lovely. I loved how tastefully its lobbies are done and the beach bags too is a wonderful thought. Sitting in the balcony and admiring Rhine river along with dinner will be a beautiful experience. Will surely love tasting their wines. Thanks for beautiful post and pictures

  16. Hotel Bellevue looks like a nice stay. It reminds me of Hotel Harbor Court in San Francisco where I stayed recently. Harbor Court was also a historic hotel and later was used as hospital and training camp for military in World War II. Being vegetarian, I'm also looking for healthy breakfast options else have to survive on cereals or confectionery.

  17. Wow, that's incredible that the hotel has stayed with the same family for so long! The interior is quite stunning, and clearly they've made an effort to maintain the original style even with the additions such as the pool in later years. I love the panoramic view of the river, and I would definitely take advantage of in-house wine tasting.

  18. The Bellevue Hotel looks so beautiful. I agree that family owned hotels have a special feel to them. They feel more warm and hospitable. I am sure the experience of sitting on the balcony will be a great one. I specially love those hotels and stays that have a balcony facing the mountains or some water body. Time simply passes if we sit there looking at the grandeur of nature.

  19. It is very interesting to read about the history of Hotel Bellevue, especially that it was the first hotel in early 20th century to have electricity and phone connection. Also, that it was taken over by the military during the war and used as a hospital! After the renovation, today, the hotel seems like a really nice place to spend some time but I love that it comes with its own history and stories to tell from the past!


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