Hampton by Hilton Aachen - A Review (NRW - Germany)

Apart from exploring Belgium, our next target is now to explore our neighbours - France, Netherlands and Germany (plus ofcourse, once-in-a-while flying to distant locations!). 

The nearest city in Germany is Aachen and the best part was the Thalys that goes from Paris to Cologne goes through Brussels and Aachen and its just a 1hr journey! It was a whirlwind weekend about which I'll tell you more in the upcoming posts, but for now, here's the review of the hotel I stayed in - Hampton by Hilton.

To begin with, when I saw the pictures of the exterior of the hotel, I actually couldn't wrap my mind around it. It actually looks like a digitally altered image. But finally when I saw it, it was actually like that!

There are 3 main types of rooms apart from a few accessible, differently-abled friendly rooms - King Room, Queen Family Room and Queen Room. All rooms have coffee bar, work table, iron box, iron table, hair dryer etc. There is no mini-bar within the room, but the hotel's bar works exceptionally long hours!

The bathroom is a fine room! Its a very clever idea to have he knobs of the shower, away from the shower! You can set the temperature and force without getting your whole body wet! You get into the shower in the exactly correct, comfortable water. The toiletries are in dispensers which is so much more eco-friendly than tiny containers. The bathroom's door is a sliding door which it shares with the closet! While that's perfectly of for families that stay here, for friends who share a room, this could be a bit awkward! While a person exits the bathroom, he/she could hit another one, if he/she is looking for something in the already open closet, with the sliding door! Not really a very comfortable set-up!

There are some little interesting details. Rooms have a equestrian themed door bell design and a football themed decor inside! Guess why? Aachen's organization CHIO hosts the International Equestrian Festival every summer which is located 15 mins walk from the hotel! Aachen has its own football team called Alamaannia Aachen as well as a football stadium located hardly 5 mins walk from the hotel! 

The breakfast was ok, but there weren't many options for vegetarians. There's a DIY waffle iron corner. If only they had a salad bar, it would have been a delicious way to start a day for veggies as well. But then, I majorly had to fill up on bread! Its high time they consider adding a salad bar in the breakfast buffet! The set-up of the breakfast area is interesting. Its blends into the lobby and whole area is huge, serving as a comfortable waiting area if you arrive early or have to leave late! There is an outdoor seating area as well. 

The hotel has a relatively large fitness room and quite a few equipment. The elevators are safe and have the keycard sensors as well. Without it, the elevator does not leave the lobby (ground floor). 

Its located hardly 10 mins walk from Lousberg Viewpoint, about which I'll deal with in another blogpost. Its located just in the outskirts of the main city, making it perfect if you're planning for an off-the-beaten track tour exploring the woods of the Aachen, but at the same time, located just 2km from Aachen Cathedral. Its at a perfect location which makes it an ideal place to stay whether you're in Aachen for trail walking or heritage or sports!!!

To Get There:
Nearest Railway Station: Aachen HBF
From Aachen HBF Railway station: 3km (20 mins by bus)

Room rates begin at €81 
Hotel Ph no: +49 241 9559300

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P.S: I was invited by NRW & Aachen Tourism to experience the city for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. Hamptons are always really nice hotels! I agree that it is nice to have the shower knobs away from the shower head. It's funny you mention veggies at breakfast. I never knew that was an option until I started traveling in Europe! I would love having the waffle maker :)

  2. Hampton by Hilton in Aachen looks like a comfortable place to stay in. I agree the shower knobs are very cleverly placed. This is a great innovation that probably every hotel should adopt. I also like shower gel dispensers instead of the usual bottles. Having a salad bar would be nice though I love the spread of breads in typical European breakfasts.

  3. Wow the exterior of this hotel is so cool! Very pretty colors. The lobby looks really nice too. The rooms seem pretty comfortable. Overall, looks like a great visit!

  4. Great post on reviewing the Hampton by Hilton Aachen. It looks like it has all the amenities to have a comfortable stay for a personal or business trip. Thanks for sharing!

    Lydia @ www.africawanderlust.com

  5. Hampton by Hilton looks like a nice place to stay considering its location in proximity to woods as well as heritage sites. I like its colourful exterior and the ambience of its rooms. Eco-friendly containers for toiletries instead of tiny plastic containers is an innovative idea. Although salad for breakfast is not my cup of tea, but I would really like making my waffle at that DIY waffle iron corner.

  6. I'm glad to hear you'll be exploring France, Netherlands and Germany this summer. I haven't visited Aachen and haven't heard a lot about it but it looks like an interesting city. Hampton by Hilton is always a great choice and this one is no exception- the place looks amazing!

  7. I totally agree with you. It's way better if the knobs of the shower are away. It hate being wet with cold water when setting the temperature. Happy to know their choices for toiletries are more eco-friendly. Thanks for the heads up re: bathroom door.

  8. I've not stayed at a Hampton hotel yet during our travels but was glad to be get an idea of what it is like to stay at one through your post. The rooms look comfortable and it's nice to read that these are equipped with ironing and coffee making facilities. I appreciate their use of the eco-friendly dispensers for toiletries. Having the sliding door of the bathroom shared with the closet does sound like a rather strange design and I can see how this could be quite awkward. The proximity to the Equestrian Festival and the football stadium is a definite plus. I'm curious to learn more about Lousberg Viewpoint and look forward to your upcoming posts with the details about your whirlwind trip and visit to Aachen. Thanks for sharing this review.

  9. As always, the Hilton hotel group never disappoints. The rooms look quite cozy and the furnishings are really cool. As described, nice design on the hot shower knobs; I really hate it when hot water suddenly hits you while you're still testing out its temperature. About the buffet, well, it's the same in many hotels---there aren't a lot of veggie choices during breakfast. Doesn't bother us at all considering we're not strictly vegans/vegetarians. But for those who are vegans/vegetarians, that could pose a slight problem. Well, they could always order a'la carte.

  10. This looks like a really nice hotel. It's awesome that they have the knobs for the shower outside of the shower. I always have to fiddle with the water temperature for a while and it's nice not to get scalded while doing that! It's too bad there aren't many vegetarian options at breakfast, especially for Europe, which I find is generally more veggie-friendly than other places. If they have eco-friendly toiletries hopefully they will consider some more eco-friendly food choices too.

  11. My family has always loved Hilton hotels and we've stayed in a few Hampton hotels! It has been a few years though and this one looks so modern. I wish they had more vegetarian options, but the waffles look yummy at least! And the bed looks really cozy- I love all white beds!

  12. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the countries you're visiting on your trip, sounds like you're in for a great time. The Hampton by Hilton sounds like they've got all the styling right, love a shower that you can turn on without getting wet! Have a great trip.

  13. Hampton by Hilton looks like a nice place to stay. The rooms look quite comfortable. You are so right about the knobs of the shower. I realised its utility only when I actually found a bathroom where the knobs where fitted away from the shower. The shower gel dispensers instead of the usual bottles are also a good way to save plastic wastes.

  14. I love this Hampton by Hilton chain as it has all features which make it favorable to stay out. I too loved the idea of having shower knobs separate as sometimes we are forced to get under very hot or very cold water. Having soaps in dispensers is also another great idea. Good to know that its location is in peaceful area with lovely nature trails. Hopefully after reading your reviews, they add some veggies to their breakfast.

  15. The hotel looks really unique from the outside. I liked that they have the toiletries in the dispensaries instead of containers, that's a really eco-friendlier way. Plus, the shower knob to be away from the shower helps you to adjust temperature without getting shocked with hot or cold water. I loved the rooms as well, Hilton never disappoints.

  16. I used to go horseack riding and love everything equestrian-related so super cool to know that the festival is located 15 minutes away from the hotel! It looks so urbanly chic too and apart from the lack of vegeterian options at breakfast, I'd say it seems like a great choice for sure.

  17. I heard Hamptons hotel from many American movies and they are all very luxurious. It was good to know that you enjoyed your stay, their whole accommodation. It is admirable that they use refillable bathroom supplies to minimize waste.


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