Hotel Kinsky Garden - A Review (Prague - Czechia)

We have now slowly begun to explore eastern Europe and the first place we headed was Budapest, Hungary and now, the 2nd is Prague, Czech Republic. We stayed in this beautiful hotel there which was originally a creamery where diary products were made and had horse carriages that transported them to the city's shops & residents since 1890. 

Later on, by mid 18th C CE, the building was used for several other purposes including, distillery, sugar beet factory, chemical factory, printing press and more. In 1852, one of the branches of Ringhoffer machine works was here. It was in 1997, that this building was renovated as a hotel by an Italian family, in an authentic Italian style. The last part of the restoration and renovation happened in 2007. Today, the original main entrance, through which horse carriages came in & went out, serves as the parking entry. 

As the name suggests, this is just at the base of Petrin Hill and beside Kinsky Garden. The Italian style that was created during the renovation makes the hotel what it looks like now! The curved ceiling of the passage (horse carriage entrance) with paintings all over it, inspired by authentic Romanasque church ceilings is just splendid. The huge paintings hung all over the waiting area, bar, breakfast area again have a very Italian Renaissance feel to them. Btw, how often have you seen wooden doors for elevators? Today its a simple, charming, charismatic, adorable hotel just in the outskirts of Prague 1, the centre of the city. 

The reception is one fine place. It is in 3 levels! One is the actual floor which has the reception. Oneis the next level that can reached climbing a few, picturesque, semi-circular steps. Here are the waiting area & bar, which are not directly visible from the reception. Then is a mezzanine floor that can be reached from the waiting area & bar which have the perfect view from the semi-circular steps. Here is the thing, there have been some fashion shows incl. Max Mara that has happened here with models walking on the mezzanine floor and viewers seated on the semi-circular staircase. Somehow the only thing that I could think of was exchanging vows & rings and getting married at the mezzanine floor with the guest seated in these semi circular staircase! Destination wedding Prague, anyone?

There is a small meeting room that could accommodate around 10 people. The complimentary buffet breakfast has a decent choice with a few bread & pastry varieties, meat slices, cheese slices, boiled vegetables, hash browns, fruits etc. Vegetarians did not have an extensive choice though. The bar is open from 2pm to 11pm, so room service of select items are available only during that time. It also has an outdoor seating arrangement which we did not enjoy, thanks to the freezing, snowy winter!!! 

There are a total of 100 rooms in this hotel including 48 double/twin rooms and 4 triple rooms. Make sure to specify if you need double or twin room, coz the beds of the twin rooms, do tend to move a bit. There are 2 family rooms in a pretty unusual concept. They are 2 separable double rooms that are interconnected with a common door. So, there is complete privacy yet they are interconnected. For 2 couples or large groups this would be just perfect! Plus point? These have a view of the Petrin hill! The executive rooms are just perfect luxury and are large at 25sqm. The best part - the bathrooms that are fitted with jacuzzi bathtub or shower. 

The service is pretty good. At the end of day 1, somehow my bathroom's flush stopped working and I was immediately given another room and was offered help to transfer things to the other room. There are ofcourse a mini bar, coffee machine, hair dryer, safe etc.

So yeah, how about a destination wedding at Prague at Hotel Kinsky Garden with photoshoot atop Petrin hill  and Prague Castle while the guests can be fed at the bistrot???!!! 

To Get There:
On Google Maps: Hotel Kinsky Garden, Prague, Czechia
Nearest Airport: Václav Havel Airport Prague
Nearest Railway Station: Prague hlavní nádraží
Nearest tram/bus stop: Švandovo divadlo
From Prague Railway station: 4 km
From Prague Airport: 16 km (1 hr connection by bus + tram)
Pick up & drop services are available on request at extra cost.

To Book online: Hotel Kinsky Garden, Prague
Room rates begin at €95 for standard double rooms.
Hotel Ph no: +420 257 311 173
Limited paid car parking available and needs reservation

My complete Prague travelogue: coming up soon...

P.S: I was invited by Hotel Kinsky Garden to stay and experience it for review purpose, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. We visited Prague last year and booked quite a few hotels as we were coming and going. We never made it to the Petrin Hill area. The Hotel Kinsky would have been our choice as well. How interesting that it was originally a creamery. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks like a cozy place to stay and would love to get a room with the view of the Petrin Hill. Will definitely consider this place on our future trip. Thank you for sharing. Appreciate the tips you shared.

  3. Thanks for this honest hotel review. I like the look of the hotel - the dim-lighting, the cozy rooms and the jhoomars. You covered all the ground for the hotel's facilities.

  4. Looks like the hotel has a lot of history , but it makes sense that it was renovated by and Italian family - definitely a lot of grand gestures and good Italian taste present there. Thanks for the tip-off to add to options to stay in Prague.

  5. A piece of Italy in Czech Republic! The room looks so cozy and it has some beautiful decor. The curved ceiling and the passage looks very inviting and the room rate seems reasonable :D

  6. Well, it looks like an incredibly charming hotel, of that I'm sure!

  7. It's intriguing to read about the history of the hotel. A creamery, distillery, factory (including chemical factory), and so much more. The room looks nice although personally, I think the sitting area in the room is just ok. But seems like the hotel is situated in a perfect spot. That's another added value.

  8. What a beautiful Hotel, especially all the interior design and the color. I love that the Italian style was then created during the renovation, which I guess makes it more beautiful. I also love that you have included the History of the place, which makes it really interesting. As always, your Hotel review are always the best. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. It looks so luxurious and the ceilings are so ornate! I only spent my time in a hostel while in Prague but would love a fancier suite next stay!

  10. Kinsky hotel seems really cozy and beautiful. I especially liked the interior color of the place. It is warm and elegant. Thanks for the tip of mentioning about twin or double room. I would definitely not want moving beds, so double room it got to be.


  12. This looks like a really cute hotel! I love old places like this that have some history to them. I would stay here over a chain hotel anyday.

  13. Wow this hotel looks so beautiful! I love how in depth you go about it!

  14. Though the hotel looks quaint, it still have that unique charm. Your little one seems having a fantastic vacation at this hotel.

  15. What a beautiful Hotel! You always have some amazing accommodation suggestions. I would definitely love to visit this place someday

  16. Yet another gem of an accommodation that you have discover. It has a cozy and classy feel to it!

  17. I love your hotel selection for stay as they are always something very quirky and has some interesting history. It is great that this building was creamery before turning into hotel. Wow I loved the idea of Mezzanine floor with some semi circular steps and it would great to organise some event here. Also I would book for family room which are two rooms but are connected with a door. Thanks for sharing a wonderful stay option in Prague.

  18. Love the heritage bit abt the hotel. The whole scene of the three levels of reception did get me going all dreamy. Oh yes, I can so imagine the lovely wedding that can take place here .. Maybe I should consider it for a renewal of vows ;)

    1. Staying at a hotel with rich heritage is something worth it. I stayed to a former old mansion turned hotel and it was amazing! You gaining more value of their hospitality.


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