Hotel Corsendonk Sol Cress, Spa - A Review (Wallonia - Belgium)

There are times when you travel to a place to explore the place and be active and then, there are times when you go somewhere to just be lazy! Spa, is one such location (seriously, that's actually the name of a town in Belgium, not joking). When I decided to go to Spa, I didn't plan anything at all! I just decided to laze around! To be lazy, you need a nice resort to do it and not a tiny room. In comes, Corsendonk Sol Cress!

To begin with, the room felt very different. The main door of the room opened to 3 doors that lead to bedroom, bathroom & living room. The living room has an indoor spiral staircase. At the first instance its totally weird but it's actually an interesting concept. The living room has a kitchenette, TV, sofa etc. You could hire just the bed & bath or bed & bath & living or upstairs too with has 2 more bedrooms, depending on the number of people and the convenience required and ofcourse budget! Unless budget is really a constraint do not go for just bed & bath. Its just too cramped without the living room. The upstairs rooms are technically another room number and have a separate access door. The connecting door from downstairs is usually locked and the 2 rooms are rented out separately. If you're a large group you could hire it all together! 

The plus point is the back door of the living room. It opens out to the garden which has a wooden dining table and I was sitting there till late at night looking at the stars, feeling totally safe! Just beyond it is the basket ball court and some kids where there playing till late night! This living room section also has a mini fridge, hob, drying rack etc that made it almost apartment like! Ofcourse, there are a few amenities that the resort could improve on like providing toiletries, having phones in rooms to connect with the reception etc. The reception and kitchen are not 24 hrs. Any food requirement has to be communicated earlier as the kitchen doesn't function till dinner time closes. So last minute requirements cannot be executed.

The buffet breakfast is basic but filling with a variety of cheese, meat, breads, spreads, fruits etc. The staff made special meals for us for the dinner as we're vegetarians. The traditional Potato Cheese casserole with salad was a simple, healthy, fulfilling meal! l The usual dinner has 2 buffet sections - hot & cold. Its also basic and not exotic unless pre-ordered. Once in a while they also do a barbecue.

The resort has a huge, laid back bar. The best part was, we were there on the day of the World Cup Football match between Belgium & France. Watching it in this ambiance, at the TV in the bar was a fantastic experience! On any other day, the perfect place to enjoy a drink would be outside the bar, surrounded by lush greenery.

The resort has multiple meeting rooms and aparthotels which makes it the ideal location for several office/students meets. One was happening when I was there too! There's are multiple play areas for everyone - a large park area for kids, an indoor play area with table tennis & other board games, and a basketball ground as well.

More than anything, the location is what makes this special. Just behind it, the way marked trails to explore the woods begin. With hardly any light pollution, you can actually see the stars at night. Very very close to it, at the end of the road is Thermes de Spa. This may not be the ideal place if you're a couple looking for a cozy, romantic getaway, but this is perfect for a family with kids or a group of friends;

To Get There:
Nearest Airport: Liège
Nearest Railway Station: Gare de Spa
From Brussels Central to Liège: 140km (intercity trains are available to Verviers Central and another bus/train to Spa. The connecting bus/train run once every hour. Total travel time from Brussels is about 2.5 hrs) 
From Spa Railway Station to Hotel: 1.3km
Here's the catch. Unless you don't have any luggage and unless you're really fit DO NOT attempt to walk this distance. We, with our little gal in stroller and 1 trolley and 1 backpack couldn't do this. Reason - this path is paritally through the woods and is slightly uphill in a dirt track!!!!! It was a blessing that an old couple heading to the same resort by car, gave us a lift half way through. Take a taxi from the station.....

To Book online: Corsendonk Sol Cress, Spa
Room rates begin at €96 for standard double rooms.
Hotel Ph no: + 32 14 88 96 00

P.S: I was invited by the hotel to experience it for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. You had me at spa! I've not visited this part of Belgium, so it's good to know there's a spa hotel with my name on it! The rooms look generous, and it just seems so relaxing there too. Nice photos!

  2. One thing that is absolutely non-negotiable for me when i splurge on a resort is the greenery, and large spaces for walking around. This resort has it and I love the landscape of the park. Thanks for all the valuable information on the hotel. I have been to Antwerp and DeHaan in Belgium and I am already a Belgiphile :)

  3. I love to get to know more about my home country. I haven't been to Spa that much but when I do I think I have to look into this hotel. It looks really nice and the location sounds perfect! :)

  4. I totally agree but most of the time I am just lazy during vacations. I would rather enjoy the resort amenities and the accommodation. I would definitely love to visit and enjoy this place. Also, happy to know that they are accommodating with food requests for vegan clients.

  5. This looks like such a lovely place to relax and unwind! I especially like the bar area!

  6. The resort looks perfect to lazy it out and chill. One of the things i look out for at a resort is a mini bar( u can never go wrong with a cocktail) the green to forget about all the chaos in the city. This is a great place and you described it very well.

  7. I'm also one of the huge fans of resorts. You guestroom looks comfortable and so lovely, and the amenities are impressive. And it is nice that they have a large park for kids.

  8. I simply love garden view rooms and when the room opens up to a backyard garden, it even better. The hotel looks quite good and plus point is the location. I love hotels with stunning locations and this is one of them surely.

  9. Not bad :) A nice solid hotel, the one I would like to stay when I am on a business trip. May ask my boss to book it if I go to Belgium

  10. This looks like a lovely place. I like the location especially because you can explore the woods, stargaze, and stay at a comfortable place all at the same time. Will try this if I travel there.

  11. You had me at stargazing!!! And indoor spiral staircase!??!!! I've secretly always wanted one in my room as a kid hahaa. Love how the living room opens to the garden too. That sounds super convenient for an outdoor picnic actually.

    1. I know right?! In this digital age, it seems stargazing is the new luxury whereas back in grade school every night I used to do it. That would be an awesome experience for new kids today :D

  12. The room looks cozy and the garden views are drool worthy. I love the spiral staircase. The resort seems new and refreshing with good facilities for kids. We would love to stay here when we visit Belgium.

  13. Futuristic, spacious, modern and kid-friendly. The place has all the ingredients to be the preferred choice of any kinda traveller. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. never had the chance to visit that spa but hopefully next time Im there. Thanks for reminding, going to put it down on my list.

  15. What a great place to stay?! It's always nice to read about places that are off the beaten track and not your usual destinations.


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