Hotel Neuvice, Liège - A Review (Wallonia - Belgium)

Is it a heritage hotel? Is it an Airbnb accommodation? Well, its kinda a crossover between the two. Hotel Neuvice in Liège is housed in a 18th C building, well, actually three 18th C buildings. 

Originally it was then the residence and printing studio of Jean-François Bassompierre, Master-Printer of Liege’s Prince Bishop. Today its 3 consecutive houses, all 3 with floors each and totally it has just 10 rooms. Its very very personalized that gives a very home-like feel.

Though old, the buildings have been completely revamped and renovated to add all basic amenities. There are 2 standard rooms, 1 family room, the rest all are deluxe rooms. The family room is very interesting with a staircase that goes inside, leading to a mezzanine floor that has 2 single beds!

The facilities in the room was really exceptional, for such a tiny hotel and I didn't expect it to be so advanced. All controls is touch based! There are so so so many lights in the room that you can play with to give you the right ambiance - romantic, bright, reading etc etc etc. The bathrooms are large with basic toiletries.

Its isn't a big hotel with too many facilities, which is why I initially said its a cross between Airbnb and Hotel. But one stunning feature of the hotel is the breakfast. Its served in what originally served as the atelier (studio) of Bassompiere, the cellars of one of the 3 buildings! They source local produce for their everyday breakfast. It isn't a big array but the range of sauces and jams are just too yummm. Don't forget to try out the Liege Syrup..... Its divine! `

The thing that touched my heart was - on day 1, I asked them for a banana for Atyudarini and they didn't have and I took an apple and Atyu was fine. Day 2, I asked for an Apple and the lovely lady there had arranged for a banana for me! She remembered!!! That personalization is what always, always sets certain hotels apart.

The other fascinating feature is......... the common bathroom! No, I'm not kidding. As I said earlier, the hotel is 3 buildings of 18th C combined. The cellars of 1 building serves as breakfast area, another is the administrative portion, the 3rd is the common bathroom & toilet. The entire cellar is lit up with led light strips, the weather feels different in there and the aromatic reed diffusers make the place 'almost' spa like! Its really really nice!

The only issue is that, it's a bit weird that the reception isn't 24 hrs! Being a small hotel, during breakfast hours, both reception and breakfast are handled by the same staff which makes it slightly difficult esp., if someone wants to check out at that time. Also since the reception isn't 24 hrs, if you want to check out very early in the morning, you might have to actually do it the previous evening before 9pm. There are staff available 24 hrs, but its more like a security personnel at night who also handle reception, than actual reception staff.

To Get There:
Nearest Airport: Liège
Nearest Railway Station: Liège Palais
From Liège Palais Railway Station: 600m
From Brussels Central to Liège: 100km (intercity trains are available to Liège Guillemins and another train to Palais needs to be taken. Travel time is about 1 hr) 

To Book online: Hotel Neuvice, Liège
Room rates begin at €100 for standard double rooms.
Breakfast - €32 for 2 persons
Hotel Ph no: +32 (0)4 375 97 40

P.S: I was invited by VisitLiege and Wallonia Tourism to experience the city for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. This looks like such a lovely hotel! It's so nice they remembered to have a banana for your little one, that's good service! I'd also like to try the Liege syrup, it sounds delicious!

  2. Ok - I'm glad I stumbled on this blog post because I have an upcoming trip to Brussels coming up, and I was thinking of stopping over Liege while there!

    This hotel is definitely something I'll book - it looks super cozy and homey! And I love how it's modern with all the touch controls! How was the breakfast??

  3. Hotel Neuvice looks like a quality accommodation being so different from the typical hotel. Such a creative idea of converting this studio into a hotel. It seems to be well presented have all the modern amenities of a good hotel and must have been a great stay. The breakfast is great as well as you said so overall a great place to stay. Amar Singh

  4. Latest now after Belgium kicked out Brazil in the Football Championship I have to visit this amazing little country. This hotel looks so interesting, it seems there is so much to discover and see, little details everywhere. I really like when old buildings are renovated in such a beautiful and well designed way. It seems like the Neuvice is a good place to stay during a Belgium trip.

  5. I haven't been in Belgium but Ive seen already so many posts about such a cool, stylish hotels like this one. I would love to stay in that Hotel Neuvice as the rooms cools so cozy, it has wonderful style and the breakfast looks delicious :) Its a little unfortunate about that receptionist not being available 24h but I guess like just like airbnb where you on your own. Great post

  6. I like a personalised room like hotel neuvice liege. It gives me the feeling of home. Belgium must have stylish and cozy hotels like this. And the reception part is something we had also experienced in one of our hotels in El Nido, Palawan. They aren't 24 hours but there is a security guard to look after guests so no worries at all.

  7. I like the humble uniqueness feature of this hotel. Yes, it isn't grand but it is very interesting place to stay in. And your bed looks comfy!

  8. Clarice Lao / Camping for WomenJuly 11, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    This hotel looks cozy and wonderful. Glad to know if it is also updated and facilities are wonderful. We will definitely consider this when we're in Liege.

  9. It’s quite an unique concept for a hotel, but I must say it looks amazing overall. Really sweet and considerate of the staff to arrange for the bananas. Love the decor of the hotel, and considering it’s a crossover between hotel amd airbnb this is pretty good.

  10. Belgium is one of the most favorite places for traveling. Travelers always want to enjoy the best hotel experience. The service, liege hotel is best for travelers, All the room look wonderful and facilities are highly like for adventure lovers. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful hotel in Belgium.

  11. I haven't had the chance to visit Belgium yet but if I would be going, this seems like a place I shouldn't miss. This place has such cool vibes!

  12. Hotel Nevice has some cute corners and a very antique look to it. I personally am a fan of their interiors and narrow stairways.

  13. That's a great concept to convert a studio into a hotel and they done done quite exceptionally. The interior and the exterior are decorated perfectly to create a magical ambiance. I really liked the concept of playing with light - that allows you to create just the perfect illumination inside.

  14. What an adorable place that is. Despite the common bathroom and no-full time front desk, its the kind of place I would prefer to a standard hotel. We have stayed in quite a few such places and they're so much fun.

  15. wwwaaaw. that is the most interesting airbnb stay I have seen. Would love to stop there myself if I go to Belgium again.

  16. I feel like staying in tiny hotels like that that they really pay attention to detail. It’s so nice to go to a different country and be treated with such respect or them remember the little things even if it’s just a banana. I love how advanced it all seem to be as well. I’d love to stay here one day.

  17. I love that they remembered and personalized your breakfast for you. How sweet!


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