Churches of Brugge (Flanders - Belgium)

Ofcourse, the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk is the most important church in Brugge with the priceless sculptures and paintings in it. Apart from it, there are quite a few churches incl Basilica of Holy Blood, St.James Church, Jerusalem Church, Great Seminaire, OLV-ter Potterie and many more. I managed to get into some of these apart from OLV Church & Beguinage Church.
Basilica of Holy Blood:
Yes, as the name says, its a church which has the relic of the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. The church is in 2 levels with the original chapel of St.Basil that forms the lower section of the church belongs to the 12th C CE by Derrick, Count of Alsace. Here are the sculptures of Seated Madonna & Child of 1300s,  Pieta,  Jesus on Cold Stone (both of 1900s). Sadly I could not visit the lower section. 

A spiral staircase built in 1533 (which definitely reminded me of the Bramante staircase of Vatican Museums) located to the right took me to the upper floor. The current structure belongs to the 19th C, built after French Revolution. The stained glass windows of the upper chapel belong to 1845. The stunning fresco behind the altar belongs to 1905. 

In the upper floor in a separate mounted seat on the right, is the Father and on a cushion in front of him is the relic of Holy Blood. There is a small queue to reach this. Donation box is available and most people do drop in a euro or 2 before heading to the relic. So you may want to keep you change ready. At the entrance of the upper chapel, to the right, is the treasury.

St.Anna's Kirk:
This is a quaint little church, a bit away from the city centre, towards the windmills. This was built in 17th C CE and has a rather rich, baroque interior. The best reason to visit this church is the humongous painting of Jan Garemijn, the largest single canvas painting in the whole of Bruges.

Jerusalem Church:
This is located bang opposite to St.Anna's Kirk. However I did not manage to visit this. I was here by 4PM and it closes by 5PM. I didn't want to do a rushed visit, so I skipped it for the day and somehow I couldn't make it again. This is a 15th C CE replica of the original Jerusalem Cathedral. 

To Stay:
Hotels and B&Bs at all price points are available in Brugge City Centre.
Here’s my review of Hotel Prinsenhof where I stayed.

To Get There:
Local Transport within Bruges is possible with DeLijn buses (and horse carts!). However most sites are walkable. The city does not have metro or tram. 

Entry Ticket & Timings:
Basilica of Holy Blood - 9:00AM to 12:30PM & 2:00PM to 5:30PM
St.Anna's Kirk - Fri to Mon 3:00PM to 6:00PM
Jerusalem Church - Mon to Sat 10:00AM to 05:00PM

P.S: I was invited by Musea Brugge to experience the city and hosted by Hotel Prinsenhof for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. I do love exploring churches when I am in Europe - all the variety in the style of architecture and design is fascinating. Basilica of Holy Blood sounds quite interesting, especially if it really hold the relic of the holy blood of Jesus Christ. The baroque interior of St.Anna's Kirk is really quite lovely and quaint too!

  2. I'm always up for touring churches in Europe because there so much history, architecture and art in them! I usually get dizzy on those spiral staircases, though. That canvas painting is MASSIVE!

  3. Wow, I didnt know that somewhere in the world there is a sample of blood from Jesus Christ! For this reason I would love to visit the Basilica of Holy blood! Very interesting!

  4. Brugge looks incredibly beautiful. I had no idea they had such great churches there. I especially like the Basilica of Holy Blood. That painted wall behind the altar in combination with the stained glass windows on both sides is very pretty.

    Also, I hope you manage to go back one day to see the Jerusalem Church that you missed.

  5. I looks like it is similar to Rome or St. Petresburg. Every church is like a small museum.

  6. Such a beautiful piece of history. I love the architecture, the paintings and everything about the church

  7. I absolutely love the beautiful architectural designs of these churches you have recommended here in Brugge. Besides being a holy religious sites that allows us to better understand the tradition and culture of the locals, it serves as a relic from the past which holds great historical significance as well. Amazing!

  8. Frankly, I am not a big fan of visiting Churches. Not that I don't respect the heritage or religion, but I would rather admire natural landscapes. However, your account of these Churches has definitely made me more interested.

  9. So much history and culture found in between the walls of churches - the paintings always tell great stories and I'd be interested to see that large canvas at St- Anna's kirk - insightful post, thank you for sharing!

  10. One of my favorite things about Europe are it's churches. They are so ornate and each one completely different to the next. But I didn't realize that Brugge had so many of them!

  11. These churches in Brugge is truly amazing. I love all the intricate design and everything is just i detailed, from wall decor to the stunning painting. When I look it from afar, I can really sense the unique beauty of inside. I also love that you have elucidated the historical side, which is the best part.

  12. I love churches , though I am not a catholic by religion, but somehow its the closest I feel to, may be because I studied in a convent school, churches always had a big role to play in my growing up years and even now I visit churches more than temples. I always make a point to visit a church wherever I am traveling. All these churches that you have listed look so beautiful and enchanting to me

  13. Churches are so interesting to visit because of all the art and history housed in them. I didn't realize a sample of blood existed, which is fascinating. And the large canvas painting is quite beautiful. Now you'll be able to see the Jerusalem Church when you return.

  14. Your posts are making me want to go back to Bruges so badly! I was there in 2015 and for me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am sad I didn't see St.Anna's Kirk when I was there. The large canvas is so pretty. But it just gives me an excuse to go back!

  15. I just love the fact that European Churches are bestowed with so much beauty. Your pictures do the perfect justice in showcasing the beauty of architecture.

  16. Again a detailed guide on churches of Bruges in belgium. I loved the architecture of Basilica of Holy Blood and you have taken stunning photos. Though St. Anna's Kirk is small quaint church but the huge painting is worth looking at. I would love to visit all these churches on my trip to Belgium.

  17. I have no idea why we did not visit the churches while in Bruges. I guess we were short of time. We need to go back a second that's when we will have this on our agenda.

  18. I'm always fascinated by the architecture of the churches when I travel. Though in the US, they almost look the same. Your pictures speak for itself how splendid the churches of Bruges in belgium are! Thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide!


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