Little Venice & Primrose hill (London - England)

I've been to the areas close to Little Venice earlier for street food etc. Little Venice? Well, its a places in London which has a waterway running across the city with waterway transport with some cafes in it, simulating Venice beginning at Paddington Basin, in the midst of several high rise buildings.

So I started at Paddington Waterside. The entire place is filled with boats along the sides which served as pubs, cafes, for-hire spaces etc. Further ahead from Paddington, towards the North, is the actual Little Venice.  
Its a triangular waterbody with water flowing on all 3 directions of which 2 are Regent's Canal & Grand Union. Little Venice was indeed little!!! But it was definitely a beautiful place.

I chose to walk along the Regent's Canal across Maidavale avenue. It was a curvy, curvy long walk along the waterway. It wasn't short, it was a solid 3km walk but just perfect for a romantic stroll. After a while, the walk in the midst of the Regent's Park and London zoo which was just exquisite. 
Along Regent's Park where some gorgeous palatial houses which would make perfect locations for some movie shooting. I'm sure they would be used for shootings already. The waterway gets secluded by this point without any boats or cafes. Its just water and some birds. As a snack I did have some popcorns which I served the coots on the water and a couple of coots managed to swim along with me as i walked!!! 

At one point I was in the midst of London Zoo, and esp the birds enclosure. Its actually a very large net thrown across several tall trees with several birds within! The best part of this walk was the picturesque locations filled with several beautiful bridges once in a while! At some places (all over London actually) are these gorgeous graffiti which serve as such colorful backdrops! 
A walk across a main road at one point took me to the Primrose Hill. A diagonal directional walk across this green space was where the hill top was. Not much of a hill, but just a very slight elevation of just 78m high. Nevertheless, the view from this point was spectacular. 

The whole of central London is visible from this point incl Islington Clock Tower, Canary Wharf, St Paul's Cathedral, The Shard, London Eye, Westminster etc. The place had quite a few fitness freaks jogging up & down hill!!! At hill top are quite a few benches to have a relaxed seating and view! A long plaque on the ground says 'I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun and I saw him on Primrose Hill' which was a quote by William Blake in 1757. A perfect way to wrap up a long, romantic stroll!

Nearest Tube Station at my starting point - Paddington 
Nearest Tube Station at my ending point - Camden Town
The route I took - Google Maps

Dedicated to Venkat


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  1. I love the graffiti wall! I also think that path with all the trees is such a beautiful spot to go for a walk.

  2. What a great little place to visit. The waterways are so charming with the little shops. That graffiti wall is awesome! So colourful!

  3. What a breathtaking view! I love that you have the chance to just walk and explore the whole place, it would be nice to do this on a warm sunny day. The place is just so relaxing to look at!

  4. This is a really pretty town and really feels relaxed, even only in the photos. I like quiet and stress-free towns like this.

  5. Paddington Waterside! A place I'd love to visit. It's so cool how they use boats as establishments for locals and tourists. I wonder if it's expensive there?

  6. The view of the canal looks really calming. It would definitely be a great place to relax and unwind at primrose hill.

  7. Such a serene environment! You feel like going on and on in a boat through that beautiful waterway. That graffiti wall is vibrant. Have seen something like that in Malacca which is called as Venice of SE Asia.

  8. Oh, I used to come here a lot because I stayed in Paddington area during my Uni days :)
    I really enjoy reading your posts on London, I wish I could go back there again!

  9. Wow I love the peaceful and calm scenery there. I wish I can visit there. Like your photos too.

  10. Every corner is just beautiful, and that view is spectacular! The only thing missing would be the iconic gondolas!

  11. So beautiful... Love the view from Primrose Hill


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