Richmond upon Thames (Greater London - England)

It was a beautiful day with slight drizzle, so we set off to Richmond upon Thames - a place known for its national parks and the walk along Thames. The most convenient thing, was as soon as reached Richmond, there at the railway station, there's a kiosk of the tourism dept with a very helpful gentleman there! I did list down a few places in visit in Richmond, however I chose to ask him and came a news to me. The market along the river Thames would be alive only on weekends and we visited there on a weekday! Next, Ham house was closed to the visitors on the day we went! So I asked him what we could do for 1 whole day. He asked if I was OK to walk a lot? When wasn't I?? He told me to have a stroll in Richmond Park and if I was lucky, I might spot a few deers! Did I? Read on...
Though a bus could have taken us directly from there to the Richmond Park, however we wanted to stroll along the Thames and we did. I started at the White Cross pub and started off. The slight drizzle and the almost empty Riverside Waterfront passage along the Thames was just romantic!
Inspite of the drizzle, some fitness freaks were there on their daily jog. In the midst of it, I spotted a mom and a little one, sprinkling food for the seagulls and other birds! It was just heartening... The seagulls are incredibly friendly. They actually started following me when I took a photograph and walked away!
Richmond has so much to offer and it requires atleast 3-4 days to enjoy completely. Walking along the river, I went across Richmond Bridge below it. This was built in 1779 and was renovated in 1937. From the river front, a subway is available that leads to the Terrace Garden which we unfortunately couldn't visit. Next time!
There were many many gorgeous restaurants all along, which would operate only on weekends. With seating arrangements outside, viewing the Thames, they had the perfect ambience! Several benches installed by people in the memory of someone dear and near to them can be found all along the path. The place is green filled with tons of trees. The best indeed is the Richmond Riverside Plane, the tallest of it kind in the capital.

From there after quite a walk, we reached the Richmond Park. The place is open to motor vehicles as well during day time (gates are closed at sunset) and there's a main path of the vehicles and a walkway for joggers and walkers. My plan was to walk for some distance and take a deviation towards the centre of the park where there's a pond where I expected some animals. However the drizzle was non-stop and my wrong choice of footwear made my foot hurt after a few km and we chose to walk straight till the next gate and exit.
As I walked taking pics throughout, I was stopped by him. He pointed at a direction. See? Spot anything? Neither did I.... Then I saw them...!!!

I was happy that I managed to spot 2 deers and we went on. And in sometime I got the shock and surprise of my life - hundreds of deers, hundreds.... Soooo many deers all at one place!!! Something that I've never seen earlier in life!!!
Is it just me, or does anyone else get reminded of Lord Krishna's lifting the Mountain with all lifestock beneath it, safe from Lord Indra's fury! 

Should visit Richmond again on a non-rainy day and on a weekend when the market is buzzing!

Nearest Tube station: Richmond
Bus from station to park: 33

P.S: Check out here to know what I wore to the trip.

Dedicated to Venkat


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  1. That's a lot of deer! They are so lovely to look at and observe. This place looks so serene, very relaxing and calming.

  2. I like seeing free-roaming animals. As long as they are also safe to interact with. How I'd want to feed the birds. Thought it was raining, the landscape looks beautiful.

  3. Shame about the rain but sometimes it's nicer because fewer people are around. I've never been to Richmond but it looks lovely. Your photos are great, especially the deer. Who knew Bambi & family lived there!

  4. Nice pics Bhushavali but next time put the pictures in bigger size so that they are more clear..

  5. Having a tourism kiosk right in the train station is really helpful. It does look refreshing strolling around Thames.

  6. Those deer look so near to you. Adorable. I really hope one day a visit to Great Britain can happen for me and my family.

  7. The scenery in Richmond spectacular and rustic but unfortunately its raining if not it could be perfect. I love your photo at the Richmond Bridge, beautiful.

  8. I haven't been to UK and I believe there's definitely many places to explore if I go there... Most probably will hope to live there for a while (like 3months- 1 year or more!)

  9. It is really a beautiful place, and the opportunity to be close with that animals would have exhilarating

  10. Well written. A lot of photographs make it more enjoyable!

  11. Beautiful photos and well-written. I felt I was with you travelling.

  12. Is Richmond a rural area? Initially I thought it was a very developed city when you described restaurants, then those deers! Truly a gem of a sight to behold.


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