Memorials of Malta & to the Women of World War II (London - England)

Just before you enter the Tower Bridge, is the All Hallows Church. Just in front of the All Hallows Church, is this stone. Its called the Malta Memorial. 
During World War II, Malta was under the protection of England. Malta was surrounded by the Axis Forces, and it became the most bombed place in the history of the war. Only side free was the coastal side through which Britain and the Allied powers incl America, Canada, Australia etc, with great cost, with great efforts of its own citizens, protected Malta. 
In the summer of 1942, the Allied forces, did their final attempt to save Malta and on 15th Aug, the siege was broken. This stone is from Malta and was gifted by the Maltese Govt as a present, to thank all the Allied forces that defended Malta.

At a walkable distance from the BigBen is The Cenotaph where there's a memorial for the Women of World War II. This is a 22ft tall bronze sculpture in the median of the road unveiled in 2005, by Queen Elizabeth. This has 17 different uniforms hung on it which represents the 17 different services, like Land Army uniform, Royal Navy uniform, Nursing cape, Canteen overalls, Police overcoat, welding mask, etc which were done by women during WWII. 
Walking ahead from the Cenotaph, is the HouseHold Cavalry Museum. I did not visit the Museum yet; however, at its entrance were these soldiers on horses with a very very interesting board beside. It was impossible for me to not click a pic there!!!


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