My Travelogues from London!!!

And here comes the big reveal from last post!!! Here on My Travelogues would be from, the land of the Queen, United Kingdom! 
Yes, I've moved to London, temporarily...... The weather is fantastic right now, varying from 15 deg to 7 deg C and it rains occasionally. But I'm warned of the worst to come in late November when winter sets in and intensify in December!!!
The first weekend I got in London, I set off to the super shopping area of London - Oxford Street. Here are some pics of the street incl. me posing at The Selfridge & Co. 

As evening set in, a bunch of pro bikers in super bikes and sports cars incl. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mini etc rode about the streets through its lanes and the main road, providing entertainment and awe to the general public. It got so much that the road got jammed and traffic signals got ignored and the policemen had to come over to sort it out!!! Check out the video....
I've always loved to see Autumn in pics, the way the leaves turn yellow and red and wither away. Coming from Chennai where the 4 seasons are - Summer, worse summer, worst summer, rains, everytime I went anywhere out of South India where I can experience winter or snow, I had always loved it!!! Here's my first autumn!!!!!

Will be back with the London leg of My Travelogue's journey!!!


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