Monument to the Great Fire of London (London - England)

Here begins my travelogues from London. So to being with, I thought let's have a look at London Bridge. I looked it up in the map and found that the previous station is called Monument. That got me intrigued. I zoomed in the map to find out what else is there and I found there is indeed a monument close to Monument station. I also found a church and something else too!!! So, yeah, I set off.
A major fire broke out in London in 1666, Sep 2nd. It was majorly devastating fire, that burnt nonstop for 3 days continuously. The fire broke in the middle of the night and supported by wind, it spread over an area of 436 acres. It destroyed about 13200 houses, 400 streets, 89 churches, guildhall, hospitals, schools, libraries etc.
Following this, the then prince, Charles, the second, was very benevolent and gracious and did all he could to set things straight. The provided for the comfort of the distraught citizens, remitted their taxes etc. With public money, he brought the city back to its glory, with the gates, bridges, churches, buildings etc. The city was cleaned up, including all sewers. The city was made even better with much more planning. The residential and commercial areas were segregated. The building were build with stronger materials. The streets were widened. 
This tall monument was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The height is set at 202ft, which is the same as the distance from the bakery where the fire broke out. It took 6 years to complete this super structure from 1671 to 1677. On one side is this high relief, of very Greek styled sculptures. On 2 sides are large plaques that talks about the incident and gives every detail, in Latin. An inscription on the side of the entrance gives the names of all the mayors who were in power thought the 6 years when this was built. 
There's a spiral stairway inside that has 311 steps. Yes, it feels never ending. It is a tiny little passage of about 1 m wide steps. If 2 people come face to face one has to stop and stick themselves to the wall to let the other one! If one is on the voluptuous side, its indeed difficult!!! My claustrophobia did start showing up a bit, but I controlled somehow!!!
At the centre of the balcony, is another vertical structure, that supports a copper installation created by Caius Gabriel Cibber. It depicts flames!
From atop the view is pretty good. I wouldn't say great, coz a view from atop mountains, looking over the valley is great, is mind-blowing. Ages ago, when this was built this would have been a super structure and possibly the tallest building in the area, from where the entire city would have been visible! However sadly today quite a few building stand taller than this. So the view isn't that fabulous! 

The London Bridge looks great from here, though. Its located at the banks of River Thames. So a view of the river, with all its cruises, and speed boats was interesting. You spot the speed boat, in the double pic above, as it speeds by? There's river patrolling as well, of Police with speed boats that have sirens to cater to emergencies in the water! 
When I was seeing around from atop, I saw a gorgeous clock! A church and a vintage clock that was hanging at its entrance and yeah that was my next destination.

Opening & closing timings:
Apr to Sept (day light saving) - 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Oct to Mar - 9:30 AM to 5:00PM
Entry charges: £4 for Adults; £2 for Children below 6 yrs of age

To Get There:
Nearest tube station: Monument

P.S: Check out here to know what I wore for the trip

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