Nagalapuram South East (Chitoor - Andhra Pradesh)

You might have already seen my post on my trek to Tada Hills. Tada is in the Nagala hill ranges in the Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Border. This time I tried a more difficult terrain, Nagala South East. The entire terrain is filled with boulders with a stream that runs along. The trek requires a good amount of climbing, may it be a big boulder or a tiny hill! 
The beginning point was to this place - a waterfalls from a small hill, that forms a huge pond that flows as a stream! First point was the remove the shoes and walk across this pond of waist deep water, hoping the back pack and cell phone and ofcourse the shoes themselves don't get soggy wet! A couple of senior trekkers, managed to climb this manually half way through, where they tied a rope on tree and dropped it down for the rest to climb.
That's the view from atop, of the same pond. Notice the tiny little humans there?! That's the height to begin with....

Some places did require barefoot walking! But guess what happened??? 
In the entire stretch of about 16km, at about 6km my shoes gave up. I mean, gave completely. The sole was torn off and the rest of almost 10km I walked barefoot!!! I can't blame the shoes - it was a bit old and I wore a canvas PU combo shoes instead of leather coz of some many water bodies enroute. Just bad luck!!! Anyways, that was great experience by itself, with torn skin, punctured foot.....
That's how the terrain was, mostly - boulders, boulders, and more boulders... with water cutting across. One of the great plus points of this route, no need to carry water! 

A point where I did not know how we were gonna proceed after which we proceeded like a frog sticking our all 4 on the hill on the right, half way high, where we could find a place to put out foot on!

Ofcourse some streams on the way proved as super fun entertainment!!!
The beginning point of the stream where there's wall that's wet! Water seeping from somewhere makes the whole wall wet which slowly, steadily forms a stream that we followed all along, that falls as the waterfall where we began!!!

Senior trekkers went ahead to reach the peak and trekked a total of 23km while few of us headed back to the base at this point, for a total of 16km. Beyond this point its completely water-less dry terrain!

From Koyambedu, Chennai: 78 km (get to Puzhal and get going).
The route to Tada & Nagala SW splits at Sathyavedu

Dedicated to Emperors Gang of CTC


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  1. Interesting trek and lovely terrain.

  2. This is cool. losing the shoe midway would have worried me to death but good to see that you went ahead and finished it anyway.

    1. Rekha, I didn't have much of an option though. Going back to the starting point all alone in that terrain wouldn't make any sense!!!!!

  3. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments all! :)


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