Vanamamalai Thanthondrinathar temple (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

It was almost lunch time when I reached Vanamaamalai Nanguneri. There are 2 important aspects of this temple - the Jeer mutt and the Oil well.
The Jeer mutt is where the Vanamamalai Jeer stays and gives blessings to the devotees. Inspite of the timing we went, he took his time off to meet us! 
Next is the oil well!!! No, not the Dubai oil well kinda ones. The oil used to bathe the sculpture of the Lord is collected and poured into a well! Its believed that this oil is capable of curing all ailments, either taken orally as a drop or applied on skin!

The name is derived from Nangu + Eri meaning Four Lakes! So that's a place surrounded by water everywhere. The Lord Vishnu here is Thanthondrinathar and his consort here is Sri Varamangai.
With that said, moving over to the architectural and sculptural marvels of the temple. On one of the outer prakaarams (corridors) atop, just below the roof were these gorgeous panels! 
Remember the dancing Garuda of Thirukkurungudi? The same guy's here too!

Krishna playing his flute and the mesmerized women & cattle!

The dancing clown!

Shiva as Bikshadana, surrounded by wooed women. Spot one pregnant!!!

Dancing Shiva with Karaikkal Ammaiyar!

Dancing women!

The 2 panels of Vamana & Thiruvikrama!

From Tirunelveli: 31 km via Sengulam & Pannankulam
From Thirukkurungudi: 16km via Eruvadi

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Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co.


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  1. the panels are pretty great, I have heard about this place, but never been there

  2. Ancient sculptures tell the story

  3. Ancient sculptures tell the life of people

  4. Hi Bhushavali,

    I always believed that Tamil Nadu is the heartland of temples and Vanamamalai Thanthondrinathar temple seems to offer so much. Is it really true that the oil from the oil well actually cures ailments? I showed my little kids in class the splendid architecture of the temple pillars.

    1. The oil does have something. 'Scientifically' speaking it needs some research. As I observed the well, it was forming bubbles here and there like how ponds do when there are fishes in them. Obviously there are no fishes in this. Whatever caused the bubbles must be some kind of gas that's trapped within that forms tiny bubbles. It might be medicinal, it might not. Research of the oil is needed.

  5. Thanks a lot for your time to leave me the precious comments! :)

  6. The temple was well maintained and the priests and staff took interest in showing us around. I was wondering why the pillars and panels were painted with lime wash or red oxide like paint.

  7. During a visit to the phenomenal Luxor Temple in Egypt I was surprised to see my fellow tourist's reactions, when the guide happened to mention the possibility the temple was based on the structure and proportions of the human body.
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