Vaithamanidhi Temple (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

Vaithamanidhi is a relatively smaller temple is Thirukkolur built majorly by Chola Pandyas which is a unique lineage of a mix of Cholas and Pandyas! This is also one of the 9 Vishnu Temples called the Nava Thirupathi. The Lord Vishnu here is Lord Vaithamanidhi and his consorts are Kumudavalli & Koruvalli. 

Right opposite the temple, is a little mandapam. All it had were 4 pillars and steps to its platform. Even all those were sculpted completely. And a friend who's a dancer couldn't help but pose there!
The temple did not have a gopuram. But its outer walls were also filled with reliefs. They weren't as intricate as Thirukurungudi, but simpler.

Hanuman on his chair made of his long tail!

Hanuman cutting through Tharagai!

The maha mandapam was relatively bigger. The pillars here were much much simpler, but some had some very unique reliefs on them! 
The outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum was filled with inscriptions! Reminded me much of the Lalithankura Pallava Griham. 
One unique feature here was the peacock row atop, just below the roof. Usually the space has a bootha gana or celestial beings! Fat peacocks were kinda funny, actually!!!

Another unique feature here was, on the side shrine, in the goshtam were more sculptures of Gods are placed, there were creepers! And within some of these creepers were yaali, the mythical creature!!
Though it was relatively smaller, there were a few unique features / sculptures here!!!


Dedicated to Prof.Swaminathan & Co.


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  1. I am always so intrigued by South Indian temples, and it's not so common to find ones without Gopuram, isn't it? Looks like a great place nevertheless...

    1. You're right. But there are temples without Gopuram and some temples without Vimanam, and are common as well, but lesser than temples with them.

  2. i had been to the nava tirupathi temples more than 15 years ago, and loved the beauty of both the temples and the tirunelveli region... tirukkolur vaithamanidhi was a particular favourite, with the reclining lord and his hand reaching towards his face... thanks for sharing the pics !


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