Nellayappar Temple - Part 3 (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

Its been quite some time since Part 1 &  Part 2 of Nellayappar. Here's Part 3. The overwhelming awesomeness of Vijayanagar Nayak contribution is extremely evident at several places here. Here are some sculptures...... in detail..........
That's the life sized Manmadha / Kamdev / Cupid / God of Love and.....

...his wife Rathi!!

A closeup of his very handsome face. 
Look at that sharp nose & arched brows!!!
His floral earrings, Wow, right?!!!

Isn't she pretty too? Too bad, somone broke her nose.
Look at her bird detailed head ornament, large top knot, & fantabulous earrings!

His chest and the Oh So Many! Necklaces!!!

His wrist and wrist band!!!

A consort of his holding one of his symbols - peacock!

Another consort holding another symbol - banana flower!!

Yet another consort holding yet another symbol - the mythical creature Yaali!!!

You know he carries a bow made of sugarcane.
Did you know its string was made of beetles?!!!!


...and his sharp sword & details on his outfit & jewelry!!!

Detailing on the fabric...

...and the thin, delicate, yet detailed accessories!!!


Refer my earlier post.

Dedicated to Prof.Swaminathan & Co.


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