Musings at Nellai!

Wrapping up Nellai with its musings!!! 

Here are some faces, some hard working people from Veerasigamani!
And on my way, my very colorful thong slippers gave up! I managed to find a cobbler!!!
Nellai, Ambasamudhram, Kovilpatti regions are known for the renewable energy production with windmills...
Somewhere on the way, I spotted the blue ASI board and stopped the vehicle to check out what's there. There was this megalithic burial cyst! However the locals have painted it white and have a board there that says its the 'Poi Solla Meyya Nayanar meaning 'The God who never lies, who says only truth'!!!

And how can a trip to Nellai be over without getting wet at Coutrallam Waterfalls!!! And what is enjoying a waterfalls without Iceapple!!!

And at one of the water channels of the river Thamiraparani!!! And a local kid who got uber friendly with me!!!
And that's a few of us at the Kalugumalai Jain reliefs!!!!!! And that wraps up Nellai....


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  1. அருமையான படங்கள் !

  2. Thanks a ton everyone! Your comments mean a lot to me! :)

  3. Nice Clicks. I have visted nellai two year back. It is a wonderful place. I really love your writing. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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