Birding at Puliyankudi!

Well, technically, I went to Puliyankudi for the temple. But while my friends ventured the temple, I was out at the pond and the paddy fields around shooting the birds, with my 55-250 lens!!! Here are some pics...

The grandiose Bald Eagle!

A little channel!

The paddy fields padded with common egrets...

... up closer...

... still up closer!!

White Cattle Egret in Flight!

And what else I caught in flight? An Air India Aircraft!!! Lolz!!!


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  1. Great captures. It would be really nice if you could put up enlarged pictures.

    1. Thanks a lot Niranjan! Started putting up bigger pics. Extra work on watermarking them and that's what stopped me from doing it all these days....

  2. Puliankudi is my mom's place.. Have been there many times during my childhood :)

    1. Wow! Nice to know that!!! Its indeed a beautiful, picturesque village! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, the place looks so relaxing and captivating


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