Kodikuthimala (Malappuram - Kerala)

From Conolly Plot our next stop was Kodikuthimala, a small mountain. The curvy, ghat road led the base of the Kodikuthimala where black topped road comes to an end. 

So any cars will have to stop here. However several bikers continued to ride their bike to as much as possible on the hill. 

A small stream of water is the first point, after which there's a dirt track to the hill top. Its perhaps the smallest trek I've done so far. 

The terrain is very shallow which makes climbing on it easy, so I can't even compare this to Pallavaram hill which was pretty steep. The walk isn't too easy, given the rocks throughout, but isn't as bad as boulders!

The place was filled with several youngsters who prefer the hill top for a weekend evening. I should say this isn't a very safe place for solo girls to venture.
Btw, isn't this the perfect example of standing out!!!

From Palakkad: 53km
From Spices Farm Stay: 20km


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  1. Glad to know more about this place.

  2. The place looks natural! Nice design (perhaps by insects) on the leaves

  3. wow! looks like a beautiful trip!

  4. Thanks for your time and comments all! :)

  5. I'm a Keralite proud of having travelled to most nooks and crannies in my state. However, I had never even heard of this place before. Kudos to you for exploring and discovering these places.


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