Cars & Bikes at Indian Luxury Expo - Part 2 (Chennai - Tamil Nadu)

Next super bike there was Indian Motorcycles, which was the first motorcycle company in America. There were 2 models in the display - Scout and Road Master. The Road Master is a 1800cc bike weighing 400kg. That's pretty heavy! Both front & rear are floating rotor ABS brakes. The tank capacity is almost 21lt and comes with a 6 speed gear box. The tires are Dunlop tires. The engine is a Thunder Stroke 111 engine. There's an option of keyless button start ignition as well..
Every thing about this bike has a vintage feel to it. The bike comes with a huge 140lt storage unit. The pillion seating is detached here, but should see how it looks it. It looks like, in 1 word, like a throne, with a cushion-y back rest, and an arm rest as well!!! Like a high end car, this bike comes with a fog lights as well! It has a analog speedometer unlike Ducati. It comes in a gorgeous maroon, a maroon - ivory combo and matte black. The matte black version looks too fabulous!!! This is priced at about 34 lakhs.
A budget model of Indian Motorcycles is called the Scout. This is a 1133cc bike weighing 244 kg. Yeah, not so heavy as Road Master. Both front & rear are floating rotor ABS brakes. The tank capacity here is just about 12.5lt and comes with a 6 speed gear box. The engine is a Scout engine. This bike has a cruiser, cross country ride feel to it. It comes with a single seat, however a pillion seat can be attached. Unlike Road Master this doesn't come with a default visor, however it can be customized. It can also be customized for a back rest, side storage etc. This one is priced at about 12 lakhs. 
The next bike brand there was Triumph. There were 3 models in display - Thunderbird LT, Rocket III Roadster, and Tiger 800 XRx. The Thunderbird LT is a 1700cc bike weighing heavy at about 350 kg. It has a 6 speed gear box and 22lt tank capacity. Both front & rear brakes are ABS disc brakes. The single seat has a slightly arched back, that makes the ride more comfortable. This is priced at Rs.18 lakhs.
Tiger XRx is a 800cc weighing around 200kg. This too has a 6 speed gear box. The tank capacity here is only 19lt. In this model, the speedometer, rpm etc are in a LCD display panel. This machine has 3 options for riding - Road, Off road, and a customized one Rider. The maximum power utilized changes in accordance to the riding mode. Quite unusually, for a super bike, this has a centre stand! 
A very unique feature of this vehicle and also the Roadster is the Triple Engine. The 3 cylinder, liquid cooled engine, delivers a very high torque that makes this super bike, just the best with this 'thunderous roar' sound that they claim! Next in line was the Rocket III Roadster which also has the triple engine! This is the most fantastic of them all with 2300cc at about 350kg. This model has unusually a 5 speed gear box. The fuel tank capacity is 24lt. The oil capacity is a massive 6l. Both front & rear are ABS Disc Brakes. The look of the bike with its 3 cylinders placed parellel to each other on the side, is just killing, menacing!!! The dual head light adds to the action!!! 
While Thunderbird has a 56 wire spoke wheel and Tiger has 10 spoke alloy wheel, this Roadster has a 5 spoke alloy wheel. Personally I'm a fan of 5 spoke. While the Tiger XRx is priced at Rs.13.35lakhs, the Roadster comes at 24 lakhs. The feeling that Rocket III Roadster gives is so vintage, so cross country, a cruise, super bike kinda feel... You get that? I'm in love with this one.


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