A Picture album of Silent Valley (Palakkad - Kerala)

So, the cliff hanger from the last post - did I spot any wildlife at Silent Valley Reserve Forest. Though I didn't spot any tigers or elephants, I did spot quite a few other wildlife! Thank God mine was the first jeep to enter the forest. 
Crested Serpent Eagle! 

Giant Squirrel! At the first instance, I didn't even realize that it was an animal. Look at the pic on the right. Could imagine the pinkish nose as a tip of a fruit like Mangusteen, now does the whole thing look like a big wild berry??!!! That's what I thought, when the guide was trying to point out the animals to me desperately. I was seeing them, but didn't quite understand what I was seeing!!! When I spotted them, they were 2. But by the time I captured them, 1 had gone away!! 

Lion Tailed Macaque - Spotted an entire family. But this fellow decided to pose in all angles for me!

Leeches - Blood sucking Leeches. Oh yeah, a couple of those did get into my shoes!!! My suggestion, wear a non leather shoes and apply salt water solution on it. Or buy nose powder in any local shop and sprinkle it all over the foot / shoes to prevent leech bites! Also take a tin of any pain relief spray (volini / moov) and spray on the leach if its stuck to your skin. 

That's the Ant's Nest atop a tree. I mistook it for a Paper Wasp's nest... 

Mr. Froggy trying to climb a stick...

I know its hard to figure out, but there are 2 portions of poop in the above pic, fresh from a tiger / leopard! Sadly didn't spot the animal though.

A tree clawed by a tiger!

Fungi on a dead tree.

Kunti River.

A stream forming a mini waterfalls enroute.

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