Sri Vaikundam - Part 3 (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

Continuing more with the same mandapam. The sculptural marvel doesn't just end with the pillars. Guess where else? Its along the edges of the platform! The stand from half to 1 foot, all around, on all sides of the mandapam, locked between granite slabs that form the flooring!!! Here are some...
2 women with lotta kids!!!

Check out her hair style, ornaments & the detailing on the basket.
Btw, spot a infant between her breasts?!!!

Krishna leela of Vasthrabagaranam!

A lovely couple moment! 
Wife taking off a thorn off her hubby's feet when he's carrying a heavy pig!

Vaali & Sukreeva!

Dancing couple!

Krishna playing his flute, surrounded by mesmerized people & cattle!

Krishna now with 10 hands!

You saw a similar composition at Vanamamalai. 
Shiva naked as Bikshadana, surrounded by wooed women who don't even realize their clothing slipping and that includes a pregnant lady too!!!

Refer to my earlier post!

Dedicated to Prof.Swaminathan & Co.


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