Thirumanam Sundararaja Perumal Temple (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Very close to the Siva temple at Thirumanam is this Vishnu temple. The Lord Vishnu here is called the Sundararaja Perumal and his consort here is Sudara Valli thayar. This too is said to be built along with the Siva Temple during under same Pandyan King. 

Unlike the Siva temple, sadly here the pillars have been painted with white plaster, making its old world charm lost a bit. 

However looking closely, its pillar relief sculptures are also unique and exquisite, though not so much as the Siva temple.
That's the door behind the temple, that leads to the temple tank that's common to both the temples. The door looked really interesting that I had to have a shot before it!

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  1. What beautiful temples! True, about the white plaster...

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  3. Linked to the Krishna Gopi image in my blog: . Thank you.


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