Bheemeshwari White Water Rafting (Mandya - Karnataka)

So, the wait is over. The mystery that I left untold in the last post is, the specialty of Bheemeshwari is - White Water Rafting. There was rain a week before I ventured so I expected the water to be rough. And it was, but not too rough as I expected. Our guide informed that the water had just gone a bit down in last 2 days! Sad!!! At some places water was too soft and it felt like boating. 
Anyways, something better than nothing! There were some rough patches and that really made my day!!! For the first time, it was Ok. Now I know the technique and my next has to be in really rough waters. Anyone wanna take me to Rishikesh???!!!!!!!! 
Rafting at Bheemeshwari is organized only by Jungle Lodges. Even if you're going for camping to private organizers, they have tie up with Jungle Lodges for rafting. Safety is taken care of with helmet and life jacket. There are 3 sizes of rafts that accommodate different group sizes. 
Here of some tips - wear comfortable clothing that dry fast. Shorts are best. Skirts are worst. You could wear waterproof floaters footwear, but my suggestion - go barefoot. Btw, yeah we've put the claim of Samsung S5 that its water resistant into big time test while rafting. Yup, the claim is true!!!

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  1. Rafting is fun. Check out Barapole, Dubare and Kali.

  2. Great post Bhushavali. I enjoyed reading your whole experience. Bheemeshwari looks like an amazing place. I would love to go for rafting someday. From the pictures you shared I can say that it is very adventurous and beautiful location.


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