Kilvalai Stoneage Rock Art Site (Villupuram - Tamil Nadu)

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As I said in the last post, here's about Kilvalai. Actually pronounced Kilvazhai in Tamil. It was almost evening by the time we reached there. Yup, we had a little traffic jam in those roads. 
In that little mud tracks, where we were trying to ride our van, we came face to face with this truck filled with sugarcane. After a bit of struggle, a sweet, kind request to the man who was unloading the sugarcanes, finally got the vehicle a bit more to the side, to let our vehicle, pases through and also gifted us a couple of sugar canes!!!

A bike or car could have been taken till the boulders, by in our case, the van had to be parked close to the road and we had to walk up to the boulders, through several rocks, heavy thorns, eucalyptus plantations, etc finally we managed to reach the boulders on which the painting were made. 
There are 2 such boulders and we skipped the first coz the second was more extensive. Very sadly, very very sadly. the paintings here are almost going away. They're very faint. Sharing just a few here! 
One of the painting was this, depicting 3 people. 1 seated on a horse with a sword on the side. 1 more standing beside him. 1 more who looks like he's inviting these 2 people.
Another painting was of 4 people, who appear to be standing on a raft.
Another looked like 5 symbols. May a word and may be that was the script of the language that existed then!

We stood on the boulders, till the sunset, and started our journey back.... Coming up next is the post on the place we went second, the awesome Settavarai - wait n watch!!!

From Alambadi: 10km via Sengamedu, Kandachipuram. A right turn at Kandachipuram, followed by 5km ride with first lead to Melvalai and then Kilvalai. A dirt track on the right, close to a govt., building is our path. 

On Google Maps: 12.036842, 79.340298

Dedicated to K.T.Gandhirajan & Veera Raghavan


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