Pon Vilaindha Kalathur Temples (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Last Ram Navami, mom & I set off to this temple in the outskirts of Chennai of Lord Rama. It was located near Chengalpattu, in a place called Pon Vilaindha Kalathur. 

The first temple we went there was called Pattabi Ramar aka Kodhanda Ramar. But that's not where we concentrated. Our area was behind this. It was the Sethuramar shrine. He's called the Dharba Sayana Sethuramar. He is in a sleeping posture. 
At his foot was Samuthira Rajan (King of the Oceans) and just behind him at his hip was Lakshmana. An awesome factor here is the inscription on the forehead of Rama. It says Dhanushkodi Ramar. 
The temple as it is, is a new construction. But the age of this Dharba Sayana Sethuramar is unknown. Its believed that the sculpture was found while digging up for a well.

From there our next stop was Lakshmi Narasimhar temple. This is an older temple than the previous one. The bronzes of Lord Vishnu here is called Vaikunta Vasa Perumal and his consort here is Ahobila Valli. 
An interesting house just opposite this temple! Very similar to the one we saw at Thirunindravur.
From there our next stop was Munkudumeeswarar temple, a Shiva temple in the locality of Chola Era. This one is under ASI (Archaelogical Survey of India). The architecture is Gaja Prashta Sivalayam similar to Madambakkam & Redhills. Other shrines here are of Chandrasekarar, Meenakshi, and a Kootruvanayanar in the place of Chandrikesar. 
That one depicts Thirukazhukundram with 2 eagles & a Shiva temple atop a hill.


Ekapada Nayanar

Nanmuga Lingam (Siva Lingam with 4 faces)
This was the temple I spent the most time more than the other 2 temples. One reason is the pillar reliefs. Here are some that were interesting.

Another is the inscriptions around. I dunno what is in it but I did spot Rajaraja in it followed by a year, which I couldn't decipher. 


Dedicated to Mom.


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