Rann of Kutch (Kutch - Gujarat)

Those in India will very well remember the ads of Gujrat Tourism has Amitabh standing there in the middle of white ground. That place is called the 'Rann of Kutch' and that while ground is a huuuuge area of salt flats. That's our own Indian version of a mini Salar di Uyuni!!! Sadly we didn't have time to explore this area. We just went past this place on our way to Dholavira and stopped for a few minutes to take some shots!!!
The never ending salt flats behind me!

The dried, blistered salty terrain's texture!

That's the remains of a simple, rustic bridge that was there!

The salt flats with some pug marks too!

The road to Dholavira right across Little Rann of Kutch

A fish eye, panorama shot of the vast white expanse!!!
Click to enlarge it and see...

From Ahmedabad: 240 km via Mehsana & Radhanpur
From Bhuj: 212 km towards Radhanpur
From Patan: 138 km via Radhanpur
From Dholavira: 90 km towards Radhanpur

On Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/Sa6si

Dedicated to Prof Swaminathan & Co...


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  1. Kachchh nahi dheka to kuch nahi dheka! :)

  2. Wonderful shots and perspective over there!

  3. Looks so beautiful. Yet to visit the Rann.

  4. Ramjee, sach baath he!
    Thanks Jeevan.
    You should visit, Niranjan.

  5. Wow amazing blog and it is very informative. Kutch is really amazing place, thanks for sharing this information.

  6. Dholavirya area looks wonderful. Are there any stay options? Kutch is really beautiful and unique part of India.

  7. Thank you for writing such a beautiful and interesting blog on Rann of Kutch.
    I was not knowing how to reach kutch but now I can easily reach there after reading this blog.The images shown here are very beautiful and make me fell that I must visit this place once in my life time during winter to make my life memorable.


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