Champaner Jama Masjid (Vadodara - Gujarat)

There are 3 major, historical Jami Masjids. One in Cambay, one in Ahmedadbad and finally, this one in Champaner. This Jami Masjid is believed to have been built in the last period and is of the best quality in terms of architecture and sculpture. 

The first section I entered was the cenotaph of the masjid. The entire masjid is a beautiful blend of Indo Islamic architecture. The Indian artisans were used in building this mosque. 
Traditionally indigenous builders knew only to build square or rectangle structures. Since the Islamic requirement was to build domes atop, they came up with a beautiful solution. 

It starts from the ground as a square building, that becomes 8 sided at the arch region atop the windows. Further above it becomes a 16 sided panel that further becomes 32 sided panel and finally atop is the circular dome!

The jaali work on the windows and the arches are exquisite. 
Not just that, the area that surrounds the arches has almost filigree like relief work. From there is a nice, big garden that leads to the masjid. 

The masjid also has some exquisite sculptural detailing. 

Esp., the 2 dome interiors on the ceiling totally took me by awe!!!
This masjid has 7 mihrabs here. Mihrab is the little concave recess on the wall of the masjid that's on the side of Mecca. These Mihrabs here were also beautifully carved with the central one with most carving. Esp., this chain with vase like design was majorly seen in all the masjids ans stepwells here. 
Within the masjid was a separate enclosure for the royal women to offer their prayer called the Muluk Khana. The enclosure has jaali like relief sculptures on the walls. 

Just outside are these engraved balconies and also some seating arrangements. The traditional way of building temples without mortar usually has this kind of an interlocking system, as see in the seat.

The masjid also has a huge octagonal pond which is an ablution tank. Sadly the present condition of it is not very good. 

To Champaner from Vadodara Railway Station: 50km via Halol
The Jami Masjid is located at the hill base.

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  1. Lovely photos! I posted one of them with a link to your blog here:

  2. The domes were a common phenomenon in Jain Architecture. I believe the style was adapted into islamic structures after local Jain Architects the Sarkhej Mosque :)

  3. Wonderful architecture. You have captured it beautifully.

  4. Nice post Bhushavali :) I have been to Champaner Jama Masjid and I have seen the beauty of this place. The history and architecture of this place is amazing. You have captured some really amazing pictures. I loved reading your blog. So keep writing and sharing.

  5. Thanks a lot Sharon! That's so nice of you!
    Ramjee, probably! But weren't the domes a huge part of original Islamic (I mean Persian) architecture?!
    Thank you so much Niranjan, Sridharan & Ketki. Do keep visiting.

  6. Th0ank you for writing such an interseting blog on Champaner Jama Masjid (Vadodara - Gujarat).I had lived in Vadodara for 6 year and does not know anything about this place but after reading this blog I now know some thing about Champaner Jama Masjid. I will surely visit this place one in my life.The images that has been given here are awesome and beautiful.
    ones again thanks a lot.

    For information about beautiful places in India do visit my Travel blog

  7. I am from Vadodara and went to Champaner but never did such a detailed tour. It is interesting that how this jama masjid is square in base and octagonal at top. Also the intricate jaali work is really worth appreciating.


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