Bird watching in Gujarat

This time, I was really blessed to witness some amazing creations of nature! Beautiful birds, interesting animals, intriguing pugmarks etc. Here are some birds that I captured - with my camera!!!

Green Bee Eaters at Dholavira!

House Sparrows at the Pol Guest Houses in Dholavira!

White Breasted Nuthatch somewhere on the road!

Little Herons at the Suraj Kund in Modhera!

Parrots at Adalaj Step wells!

Atop the sky at Sarkhej Roza!

White Breasted Sea Eagle at Lothal!

Coming back with the last post of Gujarat trip with some more bird / animal watch & funny musings!!!


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  1. The sighting of White Breasted Sea Eagle is classic! :)

  2. Really beautiful birds!

  3. Beautiful and colorful birds.

  4. Like you, I too love bird watching. Nice shots - specially of the white breasted sea eagle.

  5. Wow! some nice shooting Bhusha. Are you turning into a Bird watcher.?

  6. Nice pictures, but the IDs are not correct. White Breasted Nuthatch is a White Wagtail ............. Little Heron is Indian Pond Heron ........... White-bellied Sea Eagle is Black-shouldered Kite

  7. Thank you so much everyone!
    Dear Anonymous, thanks for the corrections.
    Roy, your influence!!! ;)


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