Modhera Sun Temple - Part 4 (Vadodara - Gujarat)

Finally here's the last part of the Modhera Sun temple series. I was there for just a couple of hours. In that time, I hardly saw anything. There were tons of sculptures I did not see properly. And with that, I came up with this 4 part series about it. The temple needs atleast a day or two dedicated to it totally, to see all the sculptures properly.
Anyways, in the exteriors of the sanctum sanctorum, where those sculptures of Aditya, Lokpala and Gauri are seen, just below them are those several panels. One of them has little humans in them. Here's some close-ups of that panel.
Beginning with the elephant panel. 
Notice the little humans doing acrobatics holding the trumpet of the elephants?!!

A war scene! Soldiers with spears and shields.

A musical procession! Women playing musical instruments!!

A prayer scene! Performing abhisheka of Siva Lingam!

More processions!

Not very unusual, but the erotic sculptures here are pretty many!!!

Life's a circle, right? Along with the erotic expressions, here a very detailed, Child Birth scene!!!

That wraps up Modhera, but more of Gujarat is yet to come. Stay tuned!!!


Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co...


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