Modhera Sun Temple - Part 1 (Vadodara - Gujarat)

After seeing the step wells at Adalaj, Dada Harir and ofcourse Rani Ki vav, which had long, corridor like steps, finally I got to see Modhera that had alternated horizontal and vertical steps! 

First thing that it reminded me of - the movie Paheli!!! Some shots of the movie had the heroine Rani Mukherjee walking down those steps...
Well, it was built by the Solanki King Bhimdev in 1026 CE. They were called Suryavashies or the descendants of Sun God! here are 3 major sections here - The pond at the front called Suraj Kund or Ram Kund, the dancing area in the centre called Nrutya Mandap and the sanctum sanctorum called the Guda Mandap. 
The sculptural detail in this temple was beyond my comprehension, beyond words. But I did observed one things - remember my post on Hutheesingh Jain Temple? That was totally totally inspired by this...

Beside the pond were these 2 pillars. The original location of these pillars is not this though. It was kept here by the ASI. The best part in the on site museum as well, by ASI.
I was there in the afternoon and the sun is shining hot, and the stepped well / pond was spectacular. It was a visual treat. The way the shadows fell  was mind blowing. I could sit there and see on seeing them. Walking down the zig zag step feels so special.
Along those steps, at certain places are some small mandapas and some of them even have a diety inside.... That's water conservation at its best! 

When God is placed along with water, out of respect to God, water is not made dirty!!! That's something!!!! 
I really can't talk about Modhera in just one post. Coming back with part 2.

From Vadodara Railway Station: 212km via Nadiad, Naranpura
From Dholavira: 235km via Balasar, Radhanpur
From Patan: 36km southwards

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