Modhera Sun Temple - Part 3 (Vadodara - Gujarat)

After the Suraj Kund, and Nrutya Mandap, over to Guda Mandap or the Sanctum Sanctorum now. Very similar to the Nrutya Mandapa, every pillar of the sanctum sanctorum was an intricate piece of art by itself as well. 

The outer structure is basically a rectangle, but actually a multi faceted star shaped structure.

Each facet has a major sculpture. Either an Ashta dik Balaka or Aditya or Devi. An Aditya is identified as the straight standing sculpture. There are 12 of those.

An Ashta dik Balaka aka Lokpalaka is identified as a tribanga (tri-fold) posture. Technically there should be only 8 of those. But here quite unusally there are 10!

Then there are the female figures called Gauri-s or Devi-s. 
These are just the major sculptures, in the facets. Then there are several panels above and below them - one dedicated to other gods & scenes from epics, one dedicated to humans, one for elephants, one for lion face etc.... 
There was this one sculpture of a woman, turned around, and twisting to show her face in the front. She has also folded a leg to her back and holding it with her hand. I loved that sculpture and tried to pose just like that in front of that. Spot that sculpture atop me???
They are so astonishing that they too require a separate post. Coming back soon.

Refer to my prev. post.

Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co...


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