Modhera Sun Temple - Part 2 (Vadodara - Gujarat)

Continuing from the last post on Modhera Sun Temple. As I said already, right at the front is the extremely beautiful stepped well pond. Just behind it is the Nrutya Mandapa. 
In simple words, I was flabbergasted with the beauty of the mandapa. Its believed that earlier only the Pond and the temple existed and Nritya Mandapa was built a bit later in the same century. 
As I already said in the last post, the Hutheesingh Jain temple was severely influence by the architecture of this. 
Its just a hall with several pillars and entrance on all 4 sides. The entrances has some exquisite toran designs. 

Each and every pillar has several layers of panels of various genre. A layer of geometric designs, a layer of florals, a layer of humans, a layer of bigger humans, a layer of elephants etc etc etc!!!
Here are some pics of the Nrutya Mandapa or the dancing hall. I was there for about an hour and I got lost!!!

You know what, its the awesomeness of the sculptural marvel here that extends this post to several sections. 

The ceiling design was also another piece of art. Each and every section was unique!! Some section even had panels of scenes!!!

Here are some closeups of the pillar designs! One more part , dedicated to the sanctum sanctorum section, coming up...


Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co...


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