Lakulisa Temple (Vadodara - Gujarat)

Remember I told that Somnathpur is Hoysala in a nutshell? Well, Lakulisa is Gujarat in a nutshell. It has a sanctum sanctorum, ardha mandapa and maha mandapa. This was built in 10-11 C CE. Nothing more except sharing the exquisite sculptural marvel of the place!!!

The cute little temple!

Portions of pillars still existing... Heavily sculpted!

The panels and sculptures all around.

That's Lord Lakulisa on whom the temple was built!

View from the rope-way car to reach hill top
To Champaner from Vadodara Railway Station: 50km via Halol
Lakulisa Temple is located on hill top. Vans are available are cost per head rate to take till 6km on the hill road. Further distance has to be reached on a rope-way car. From the hill top station, a short walk on the cemented pathway, a deviation to the left, leads to a pond on the right called Dudhia Talav. On its bank is the Lakulisa Temple.

Dedicated to Prof. Swaminaithan & Co...


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  1. Nice photos (esp temple architecture)


  2. Is this the one at Kayavarohan? Can you plot the site on the google map and share the link?

  3. Thanks Niranjan & Krishna.
    Ramjee, will do that...

  4. Thank you for writing this article.The architecture of temple and the images of the temple are awesome and good to watch.I had lived in Vadodara for 6 years but was not knowing about this place.Can you please provide full address of this temple in this article.So that if I want then I can visit this place.

    Also for knowing about beautiful places in India do visit my travel blog


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