Lothal (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

Its been since childhood that I've learnt in my school books on Indus Valley Civilization. I've mostly learnt only about Harappa and Mohenjdaro. And as I grew up, I came to know that those 2 places are now within the Pakistan's territory (one more reason to visit Pakistan!! Read more about my Pak visit wish). Anyways, there are certain Indus Valley sites within India as well, which includes Lothal. 
Lothal as it is, means Mound of Dead. This was a living town from 2500 - 1900 BC. This was a perfectly well planned town with all requirements of any modern town satisfied, like drainage, water supply, business area and lot more. Believe it or not!
The town was divided in 4 major sections - dockyard & warehouse; acropolis; lower town; industrial area and bazaar. The western side had a 13m thick brick wall, so as to prevent flood water from river from getting in. 
A short walk from the entrance first led to the beautiful, wide water way. Thoughtful engineering has gone into the water way that has been perfectly built to bring in water from the river and yet, ensure continuous water flow with a let out. Just beside this town was the river Saraswathi, that has not disappeared (or believed to be flowing underground).  

The bricks here were completely standardized. There were 2 kinds - one rectangular one for building buildings and one trapeze shaped to build wells. That's the trapeze one from a well!
Ships had come in through this water way and right there, beside it was the dockyard. It kind of, was a revelation for me and standing there, my mind was creating visuals of a busy business scene there, with proper building in the places of the ruins. This stands on a platform that's 3.5m high. Further ahead is the warehouse. That's so much like the dockyard, warehouse, customs offices are located even today!!!!

Further ahead is the acropolis, where the chieftain lived. The house was the biggest of them all and was on a platform of 3m height. 
Further ahead was the industrial area. One fabulous thing there was thick huge brick kiln! Think of it - we're talking about something that's 4000 years old!!!! 
Even gold ornaments were excavated here. However, this is not a gold mining area, they must have done some importing at that point of time itself! Lots of tools were also excavated and few of them were made of Rhino bones, which means, Rhinos may have lived here long long ago, though not anymore. 
Further ahead was the lower town which is not completely excavated yet. Terracotta pottery almost intact and also several shreds were found scattered all over. Some were even perforated - that's for veggies cleansing??!!! May be!!!
But the most astonishing factor of them all is the water drainage. There was a separate pathway for transporting drinking water from well to the houses! 

The sewage was concealed and in perfect, straight, lines turning at right angles. See that pot like structure in the above pic? That's the filtration system. The drainage water gets filtered here with layered of stones, sand, ash etc. Now, that's something, isn't it???!!! 
Lothal is considered more of a business and workplace while, another Indus civilization spot, Rangpur is considered the habitat. But there's one more place, which was several times bigger than Lothal and much more awesome. Coming back soon with it. 

From Ahmedabad Airport: 90km via Maninagar, Chandisar, Dholka
From Vadodara Railway Station: 120km via Vataman, Borsad

Hotels at all price points are available at both Ahmedabad & Vadodara.
A day trip can be easily done from either places.

On Google Maps: http://goo.gl/Dan9sZ

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  1. Wonderful portrayal of Lothal. So far I could not make it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much PNS! Wish you visit the place soon!!!

  2. Excellent coverage of the place.

  3. Wonderful to know about this place. Must visit this.

    1. Indeed a must visit. You know, its our common great great great grandparents who lived there once!!!

  4. Fabulous place isn't it ! Gives you a sense of history and how well organized and skilled people in Vedic India were 2500 years ago when most of the rest of the world were barbarians ! I was in Lothal too in February 2014 (and also many other parts of Gujarath). Shall be posting soon.

    1. So true! Looking forward for your posts!!! :)

  5. Its my ambition too to visit Mohenjadro, hope it happens, glad to read about Lothal, Will make it once and looking forward to your other posts

    1. Do visit the place. For a photographer like you, its a wonderland!!!

  6. Good coverage! Very informative. Thanks,

  7. I fell in love with the indus valley civilization when I first bought a book on them in 6th std and have been wanting to visit these places since then. Did you see any seals there?

    1. Nope. The seals are safely kept in Delhi Museum!


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