Adalaj Vav Part 2 (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

Here starts my posts on the 2nd trip to Ahmedabad. And this time, it was not just the capital city, but the quite a few more districts too.
You've already read my post on Adalaj Vav. Here's my post on what I couldn't share with you in the last post, coz I could click so clearly with my good old point and click camera. Here are some better shots this time, with a better camera!!!
These are tiny little relief sculptures that you'll have to try hard to find among the floral and heavily ornate designs. Click to enlarge the images!


Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co.


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  1. Beautiful work. I am going there in April.

  2. Have been to adalaj vav ......nice place !

  3. I have been to Ahmedabad but never got a chance to visit Adalaj Vav. It looks like a beautiful place to be. Amazing sculpture I guess they must be built during ancient time. Bhushavali thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  4. Do visit the place on your next visit the Ahmedabad Anoop. This was built in 15th C! :)


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