Thiruchopuram Beach (Cuddalore - Tamil Nadu)

Here's the 3rd of the secret beaches around Pondicherry. Check out the first 2, here and here. The third is personally my most favourite one. Its a bit far from Pondi, but the trip was most definitely worth it. 
Its the first ever beach where I've been to, where there was no a single human being except us. I should mention, to find the beach would have been one huge trouble without the mobile GPS! It was a lonely road with cashew but plantations on either sides.

Similar to Serenity beach, or rather, much more than serenity beach, this is a fishermen beach. There were their rafts and boats, a few palm trees and nothing else at all.
A bit beyond is the village. However beyond this point, there are not places to stop by for shade. sun would be ruthless if your timing is wrong!
A further walk (or bike ride, in my case!), on the beach led to much more interesting landscapes. Chopped palms, about 3 ft tall, have been placed in 2 rows throughtout, in the areas where the actual fishing village starts. Till this point, the beach was nothing but just the beach & palms and a few catamarans!!!!!!!
Soon after the village starts, right there at the beach is a temple. Its not an old one. But on the way, from the main road, before reaching the beach, is the traditional, ancient Siva temple of Mangalapureeswarar and Thyagavalli.

Well, those broken palms, are a need to keep high rising, rough waves from getting into the villages in the same force!
In course of time, these cut palms have become little bird baths and home for snails & other mollusks. See the size of those little snails, beside my thumb!!!
The beach and the sea are so so pristine. Not a single, piece of rubbish or plastic anywhere. That's the best thing I loved about the beach!
The sand was not too sandy, so actually riding a bike along the shore, being kissed by the sea, was actually possible!!!!!!! If you've watched Tamil movies you'll know what I'm talking about now. I couldn't help but remember hero actor R.Madhavan, shouting and riding his bike, after the heroine Shalini, smiles at him, in the movie Alaipayudhey! Lolz!!!

On a sadder note, there were some collapsed building and fallen trees in the beach that reminds that this place was ravaged by tsunami in 2004!!!
Though that wraps up the secret beaches of Pondy, other unique places that I ventured to, in this trip are yet to come. Wait n watch!

From Pondicherry: 39 km from Railway station, via Cuddalore towards Chidambaram on ECR.
From Chidambaram: 28 km from Railway station, towards Cuddalore on ECR.

From the ECR, turn towards the sea. If you cross a railway crossing and spot the Alapakkam Railway Station, you're on the right road. Go straight ahead and the sea is at 4km distance...

On Google Maps:

P.S.1: Solo female travelling is a big no-no. The beach, as it is, looks safe, but the roads to access the beach are in the middle of cashew plantations which is not a very safe landscape of solo women!
P.S.2: This is 'THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH', I've ever been to! I had a hundred thoughts before I decided to actually put it up on the blog. A part of me, kinda wanted to leave the secret, as a secret. Inspite of that feel, I've shared it on the blog. So please don't mess it up. Leave only footprints. Take back only memories and photographs! Its clean and serene, just leave it as it is!!!
P.S.3: Yeah, I know, I've used heck a lot of exclamatory marks in this post. But I really couldn't help it. The place was mind blowing!!!!

Dedicated to Venkat


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  1. you are introducing us to some amazing places Bhusha...thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing... I am going to puducherry on 31st.

  3. Beautiful pictures and very informative write up too. Loved this line: "Leave only footprints. Take back only memories and photographs!".


  4. You have a lovely blog here sharing the facts about travelling the unexcavated India. India is a beautiful nation and such blogs help to bring out the best of this multi-cultural and colorful nation. Keep sharing such lovely posts. Thanks!

  5. Sounds like a lovely secluded beach. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Thank you so much. Glad my blog is helping you find new places!!! :)

  7. Thank you Bhushavali. So nice of you and Venkat. My wife and I are also passionate about wandering.

    Keep posting about more places. LOL.

  8. Bhushavali Thanks for your post. I went to Thiruchopuram Beach last Sunday and it got changed compared to the pics you have shared but lovely Place. Its Awesome. Thanks a lot for your post.

  9. Is it nearby of Parangipettai?

    1. Its about 15km from Parangipettai towards Chennai.


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