Kottakuppam Serenity Beach (Pondicherry aka Puducherry)

I've been to Pondicherry aka Puducherry quite a lot of times. I've seen Auroville, seen the Promenade beach and its rocks, seen the french styled buildings, but somehow I never wrote about them here on my blog. Recently I ventured there again. And this time, it was an offbeat trip where I visited places around Pondy and very less within. And ofcourse, these are the unusual, less crowded places that aren't much ventured. The trip ofcourse included beaches - 3 secluded beaches! 
Starting with the Serenity Beach. Its so called, coz of a resort here which is of the same name. I'd rather call it Kottakuppam beach or Thanthirayan Kuppam beach, after the name of the village which it borders. Remember the check dam at Mayanur? This beach has a very similar construction, but much sturdier, much higher, going into the sea! 
Its basically a lane of rocks, manually created to some distance within the sea. How unusual is it? You should check out how it looks from above on a map, like a little tail into the sea!!! Click on the location at the end of the post to see that!!!!! Here are more real time pics & a video too of the place... Enjoy.

I'd rather describe it as the personal beach of the fishermen folk here. Its filled with their boats and rafts and also their fishing nets. There's no trees or shade available anywhere. So its better to venture here during evening. By evening I did spot some foreigners here who tried their hand in surfing and fishing!!! 

Btw, do take care while sitting on these rocks. Check the place where you're choosing to sit. Else you might end up smashing or getting bitten by a crab or spider!

I was there basking in the sun and enjoying the sunset. Here's a series of images of the setting sun at Serenity Beach! You could spot seagulls and may be a turtle too! Sadly, I spotted a huge, dead turtle... Anyways, as I always say, leave only footprints, take only memories and photographs... Let the serene feel of the serenity beach exist for years to come!!!!! 
Two more such beaches, coming up soon in the upcoming posts... Wait n watch!

To Pondicherry
From Chennai: 150 km on ECR southwards
From Bangalore: 325 km via Krishnagiri, Tiruvannamalai, Tindivanam

To Kottakuppam from Pondy Railway station: 6 km on ECR towards Chennai

On Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/TvFEi

Dedicated to Venkat


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