Chunnambar Paradise Beach (Pondicherry aka Puducherry)

The other beautiful beach in the outskirts of Pondy was Paradise Beach. Very similar to Manori, this too is separated from mainland with backwaters. This too is to be reached on a ferry boat from a place called Chunnambar Boat House & Resort. 

There are quiet a few varieties of boats and trips. If you're not so interested in the boating part like me, then you can go in for the cheapest variety, coz the magic is 'not' in the boating part!!! Best part is, life jacket is compulsory and is given free of cost.

On the other side of the backwaters, the boat leaves you at a beach. Walk over towards the sea, and that's called Paradise, by name and infact, actually too!!!!

Unlike the other solitude beaches I've been to, this one is under maintenance by the govt. There is a restaurant under thatched roof that serves some snacks & bites. Yup, its Pondy, so yeah, there are drinks available there as well. But not the hot stuff!
Apart from that there are a couple of shacks with thatched roof that provides shade in the otherwise hot, sun-lit beach.

Just like Manori, here too the sand was filled with shells of all shapes and sizes!!
Not just dry shells on the beach, but along the sea edge, where these beautiful alive mollusks that wander around. I was lucky enough to spot a cute little one that climbed up on another bigger one. Check out the video... 

There are some guards and some flags that mark the accessible area. Beyond that was the beach of Le Pondy resort and Kailash Beach Resort. One thing I just did not understand is how come and since when on earth in India, did the beaches became privately accessible?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its so so peaceful and so so serene and such a vast expanse of nothingness. Its a perfect place to unwind...... Btw, did you spot me in the above pic????
But guess what, this is not the best beach I went to in Pondy. The best is served at last, isn't it? So wait and watch for the next post, for the most serene, most solitude, most pristine and the best beach I've ever ever been to.......

To Pondicherry
From Chennai: 150 km on ECR southwards
From Bangalore: 325 km via Krishnagiri, Tiruvannamalai, Tindivanam

To Chunnambar from Pondy Railway station: 8 km on the Cuddalore Road southwards.

On Google Maps:

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  1. Please share the blog post on another beach you are referring in this post.

    I have planned my trip to Mahab and pondicherry nexe weekend.


  2. I've never been to a beach in Pondy. But this beach is so eluded, and looks so peaceful, away from tourists! I am sure this is one of the best kept secrets of Pondy! Looks lovely! And, loved the video too!

  3. have been to this place 3 years back ....its indeed a lovely place .....quiet and away from maddening crowd :)

  4. Glad you guys like the beach. Its one of the best kept secrets of Pondy! :)

  5. Nice one.....mind boggling question when these beach has become private property of resorts.....i also used to ask this question to myself......

    1. I ask that question myself too, everytime I see such beaches!!!


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