Sabarmathi Ashram (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

Here's the place that's close to my heart and soul in Ahmedabad - Sabarmathi Ashram... Why close to my heart??? Well, my regular readers might know that professionally a Fashion & Textile Designer who works with Khadi & Handloom fabrics. Khadi was majorly revived by Gandhiji and so anything associated with Gandhiji is close to my heart and so is this place!!!
Sabarmathi Ashram was the place where Gandhiji began with his Satyagraha, Ahimsa way of attaining independence. It was then called the Satyagraha Ashram
The river Sabarmathi ran beside it and so the place came to be called Sabarmathi Ashram. 

The main section of the Ashram is the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalay which is a pictorial museum.
There are lots of messages said by Gandhiji, some of his hand written para phrases blown up, lots of his photographs etc! The above one is his letter to Raindranath Tagore from Yerawada prison. 

Some photographs were very unusual that I haven't seen so far like the above ones!!!
The nearby room had a lot of artworks (paintings, mosaic work, etching) depicting Gandhiji & his life events. The mosaic work above says "Meine Jaath Nahi Paani Maanga", which mean "I asked for water, not caste".
Pic Courtesy: Jigar Kapdi
I bought a bracelet at Mani Bhavan, long back, that says "My life is my message - M K Gandhi", written in his handwriting. Check it that bracelet here. Here's a blowup of the same.

Outside just on the banks of the river is Upasana Mandir. This is where every morning and evening, the inmates of the Ashram, congregate for prayer. Gandhiji also sings hymns during these prayers!!! The place is so beautiful and peaceful today filled with trees and squirrels and birds. I managed to frame a parrot and a white breasted kingfisher, seated in the same branch!
Another section of the ashram is called Hridaya Kunj. This was where Bapu and Ba (Gandhiji and Kasturiba) lived from 1918 to 1930.

Within this place are rooms of Gandhiji, Ba and a guest room.

Close to this is Vinoba Kutir Mira Kutir. The hut was named after Vinobha Bhave and Mira (born: Madeliene Slade, English lady) who were followers of Gandhiji.
That's our guys with the camera!!! The place also has a library and museum shop where books written by Gandhiji and on Gandhiji and gift articles are sold!
Pic Courtesy: Jigar Kapdi
I spent half a day there. More than 15 mins just overlooking the Sabarmathi river from the Upasana Mandir. Its one of the most peaceful moments I've ever experienced... Loved the place, totally....
Btw, I'm wearing a natural dyed, Khadi kurti from my own line when I visited the Ashram!!! Didn't plan for it. It just happened!!!!!


From Ahmedabad Airport: 7.5km via Airport Road, Khwaja Nasiruddin Chishty Road, Subhash Bridge, Ashram Road


Gandhi Ashram, 
Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380 027
Ph:  +91 79 2755 7277

P.S.1: Click here to know what I wore when I ventured there.
P.S.2: Thanks to Fly Tagged for this memorable trip!


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  1. WOW!!! Such a lovely and peaceful place it is :D Loved the clicks <3

  2. I visited the ashram almost 2 decades ago...nothing seems to have changed as I see from your snaps. I too loved the place. Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalay (the museum next to Ashram) designed in 1960s by Architect Charles Correa is one of my favorite buildings.

  3. Nice pictures. I always wanted to visit this place, Gir forest and Dwarka in Gujarat but the plan is somehow not getting materialized.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Your blog is really informative..

  4. Thats a great photo of you behind bars Bhusha.{;))

  5. Lovely post Bhusha. I am myself planning an extensive Gujarat tour in February 2014. Sabarmathi Ashram is in my itinerary.I am closely following all your Ahmadabad posts as an advance preparation :)

  6. Would love to visit this ashram. You must have been so excited, Ms.Khadi. :)

    1. Ms.Khadi?? Thank you so much for calling me that!! :)
      I was indeed super duper excited!! :)

  7. Awesome Ram Cheta! Enjoy your trip!!! :)


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