Sidi Saeed Mosque (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

After a forenoon of Adalaj, Dada Hari Vav and few more places, finally there was half an hour left. So we ventured to Sidi Saeed Mosque. This was built by Sidi Saeed, in about 1572, who worked under Rumi Khan who was the 2nd son of Khudavand Khan Khwaja Safar Salmani, the governer of Surat under Sultan Mohd. Shah III. 
Instead of referring to this as Mosque or Masjid, people fondly refer to this as Sidi Saeed Jali! That is the awesomeness and intricacy of the Jali work in this mosque. On the back wall of the mosque are 4 panels of Jali. One of this panels is the inspiration behind the logo of IIM, Ahmedabad!

Sadly I couldn't enter the mosque and see them closer, as women are not allowed inside. I clicked these from outside the compound wall.

From Ahmedabad Airport: 10km via Airport Road, Idgah Road, Prem Darwaja Road, Tankashal Road, Relief Road.
Land Mark: Exactly opposite to The House of MG Heritage Hotel

On Google Maps:

P.S: Thanks to Fly Tagged for this memorable trip!


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  1. exquisite "jali"s,indeed. fortunately, the next lot of rulers didn't destroy these!-srinivasan

    1. So true, Srinivas. Really glad it survived against time! :)

  2. Reminds me of my college days...i had sat and sketched this very jali...

    1. You should share those sketches on your blog! I wanna see them!!

  3. Exquisite jaali work. A real pity that women are discriminated against.

  4. Precioso lugar.
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta, pásate si tienes un ratito por el mio y si te gusta nos seguimos, bss.


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