Fly Tagged & Lemon Tree Hotel (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

Recently Fly Tagged got in touch with me and I ventured to Ahmedabad. As soon as my flight touched down and I stepped into the 'arrivals', there they were, the Fly tagged people with smiling faces, holding a garland made of Tube rose and Indian rose. I was felicitated with it and the traditional Indian welcome of applying tika (saffron paste applied on forehead) & that garland. That instant I felt like a celebrity to be honest, lolz!!! Then came a small voucher containing some stationary goodies and chocolates!!! Fantastic way to welcome a person on arrival at airport, right???!!!! 
It did not just end here. While returning, I was helped in standing in line to get the boarding pass. Beyond the security check, I was given an awesome foot massage at the spa! Guess what!!! That service was not just for me. That's what Fly Tagged does generally to any client...
Fly Tagged is a recently launched service that facilitates flight passengers. Its the brain child of Mr. Rishabh Beria, Ms.Priya Mittal & Mr. Ashish Thesia. Its an airport to airport service that helps passengers right from the moment they arrive at an airport till the moment they leave the destination airport. That means - helping entry, handling luggage, getting boarding pass, assistance through security check, activities while waiting, and finally boarding... By activities while waiting, I mean having a spa massage or food at lounge!  For now they help tell security check, which will soon extend till boarding gate. Also for now, their service is only at Ahmedabad and soon it will extend to other major cities too!!! Looking forward for their services in more congested airports like Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai where finding the boarding gate itself is a pain!!! As it expands, its gonna be a great help esp. for children or elders or patients travelling alone, single women with luggage and even to make a good impression for business clients!
My stay there was at Lemon Tree Premiere. As the name goes, as I entered the hotel, I was surrounded by an awesome citrus-y aroma! The basic toiletries and other stuff at the hotel room too had a herbal, citrus-y aroma!!! 

It was originally a heritage hotel and that old world charm is still present in certain sections of the hotel. My room was so nice overlooking the Sabarmati River! 

The modern interiors too were nice with glass chandeliers, Corinthian looking pillars, floral decors and Moroccan looking lamp shades!

Only trouble I had with the hotel was the centralized AC. There was no ceiling fans in the room and inspite of switching off the AC in the room, the centralized AC was a bit too cool for me all the time!!!
The food was fantastic. Perhaps this is the only hotel I've been to, where the regular menu / buffet has 'options' in eggless cakes. Usually hotels have one (most probably none) when it comes to eggless cakes in usual menu and the dessert for vegetarians would only be Indian sweets. Very surprisingly, my dinner buffet here had Eggless Orange Cheese cake, Eggless Strawberry Mousse cake, and Eggless Chocolate cake!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I tried both orange and strawberry and it was divine!

Another awesome thing about the hotel was the creativity of the house keeping guys! The towels in the room were so creatively folded and twisted to create monkeys, swans, flowers, fishes and roses made of tissues in its box etc!!!
So, when and why did I go to Ahmedabad...??? Here's a preview of what to expect... Wait n watch!!!

Fly Tagged: Website, Facebook 
Lemon Tree Premiere, Ahmedabad: Website
P.S: I was invited by Flytagged & Lemon Tree Hotel for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. beautiful hotel...saw ur navaratri pics on FB waiting to read the full story

  2. Congratulations Bhusha. What a fabulous holiday in such a charming and lovely hotel. I loved the way the towels are folded here. Happy Deepavali to you and family. Regards Ram

  3. That sounds like a wonderful stay. Waiting to hear the stories, Bhusha!

  4. ohh sounds interesting and a new concept of hospitality :)

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments...
    The posts are up now! :)


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