Siruthavur Megalithic Burial Sites (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

After Thirupporur, my next stop was Siruthavur aka Sirudavoor. Last time when I ventured here, I went into the Siruthavur village and couldn't find any stone circles. 

This time luckily, I had the contact of fellow blogger Saravana Prabhu who had visited the place earlier who guided me to reach the place. 

Well, my mistake was getting into the village. I should have continued on the highway a bit further and I would have spotted the stone circles!

Sun was almost setting when I reached this place. Just on the right side of the highway were the stone circles. I did not even have strain to find them like in Thiruporur. I went farther along the dirt tracks to the right of the highway. 

There were several smaller flat stones. I guess they were tools used by the stone age men!
Deeper in, the reserved forest started and the sun had almost set and I found no point in venturing further!

In Chennai
To Reach Thirupporur Megalithic Burial Site: Refer my earlier post.
From Thirupporur Site: 9 km (1 km on Chengalpet-Thiruporur Road. Left turn and about 7 km on Thiruporur - Thirukkazhukundram Road). You'll spot on the right of the highway in the middle of nowhere! 

On Google Maps:


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  1. Megalithic sites are always pleasure to visit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Nice find explorer!

  3. interesting!! that we have stone circles in India too!!

  4. Its my pleasure to share this with you! :)


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