Natham Temple Sculptural Marvel (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Just as I promised in the last post, here's the Durga as Lalithambikai from the side shrine of Natham temple. The epitome of beauty!

Her top!
Her crown and what she's holding!
Her necklace!
Her armband!
Her bracelet!
More things she's carrying!
Ankles and detailing on her nails!
The little parrot she's holding!!!!
And this is the only temple where Lalithambikai is holding a parrot like this apart from Thirumiyachur!!!
Also on the way back, I also managed to spot the local post office, which was a branch office. The traditional hut like place with terracotta tiles atop was so unusual for a post office and I couldn't stop myself from clicking it!!!

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Dedicated to Gopu, Siva, VSS


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  1. The post office seems to be caught in a time a 19th century feel...

    1. So true. That's why couldn't stop ourselves from stopping our vehicle for a moment and clicking it!!!

  2. Just fantastic description, on your fashion style!!

  3. Charming, Thank you!! Keep 'em coming. I love your close-ups.

  4. Interesting information.. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Wow. Amazing, captivating and incredibly beautiful sculpture.


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